Freamhaigh concludes the Will Arbor storyline in the New Druids series of epic fantasy novels.

The realm of Belkin is now in open civil war. The southern county of Turgany rises up to try to defeat the self-proclaimed President and end his tyrannical rule.

Will Arbor, Freamhaigh to the druids, must find a way to counter the threat of Erebus. Gaea has been wounded and no longer responds to her druids. Meanwhile, the Sect of the Church of the New Order rises with greater power and threatens to destroy the unstable harmony of the Realm.

Will Arbor and the druids are all that stands between Erebus and the land of Belkin. As Freamhaigh, Will must be ready to sacrifice all he holds dear.

A speculative fiction series that explores the strength of reason, and the beauty of nature. Will Arbor, a young man ripped from his family, has raised himself in the wild and discovered his talents and a deep love of harmony and nature. He captures the joy of his journey to discover truths and his own strength in the face of adversity.

“Freamhaigh: The New Druids Series” is a story on how the last druid will try to change the world. A riveting suspense novel that will keep you guessing until the end. This novel is gripping, a long to-do series, and your perfect bedtime companion!

Get the intriguing series, full of actions and compelling characters.


“An absolutely brilliant Druidic Novel.” EK
“Must Read, if you fantasy you will love this book.” steve
“A magnificent ending to Will Arbor as leader of the new druids!” Lana Turner

Enjoy the series; Duilleog the first volume in The New Druids Series. The series continues with Craobh, Stoc, Freamhaigh and Cill Darae, Volume Five (coming 2019); all available on Amazon.