Knight Rider Law rules the biker world, yet as time passes and tempers flare, war is inevitable.  A biker’s war, a long-standing feud over a multi-million dollar ranch, Joseph and Halya were born to achieve the promise of the old men of long ago.  If Halya had known what the Knight Riders stood for, and their protection, would she have suffered the Demons Hell?  Possibly, but that is not what happened or how it was.

Sheltered and innocent to the biker reality that swarms around her, the family did what they had to do, to save her from certain death.  The Demons want her dead, will stop at nothing, but they have to find her first.  A naïve orphan at 17, bullied, beaten, molested, raped, battered, and broken, faith gave her the strength to search for the man she dreams of.  This is Halya’s story and how she overcame a painful existence.

Could Joseph’s destiny in “Cocooning, The Butterfly” save Halya’s mind from the madness of trauma?  Will she survive, find the man in her nightly dreams, escape Hell, and remain sane?