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Instructions for Judges
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Thank you for volunteering to judge the ebooks nominated for this year’s  Global Ebook Awards. You are contributing to history because The Global Ebook Awards are unique.

You are one of more than 100 judges. Most judges are evaluating more than a single category of ebooks. That means each of the 75+ categories of books will have several judges. In an award contest, the more judges, the more thorough and objective the judging.

Judges represent a wide range of category experts but have one thing in common: each loves the category they are judging. Judges range from book bloggers to reviewers, librarians, book club, and reading circle members, as well as professional critics and subject matter experts in the category they prefer.

Most authors and publishers send ebooks to reviewers in PDF format—and that is the problem. Reviewers read a lot, and often while on the move. They want to read on their iPad, iPhone, Nook, Kindle, or other electronic eReader. So, there is a greater chance a judge will select a book for review if it is available in the format they like. And chances are they will read the ebook sooner.

The Global Ebook Awards has an advantage over awards for printed books. Judges retrieve the ebooks they want to read from, etc. Judges have a choice between PDF, EPUB, Kindle, Sony, Nook, etc. so they can read on their favorite device. And, the Global Ebook Awards headquarters does not have to ship hundreds heavy paper books to the numerous judges.  If the ebook is not available at, it will be found on the password protected page for the judges in the format that was provided for the contest.

Judging Timeline.

–Ebook nomination deadline:  April 30, 2021 (midnight Pacific Time).

–Download any 2019 nominated ebook before the closing date for evaluations: August 1, 2021.

–Judge results deadline:  August 1, 2021


If you know anyone who wants to be a judge, ask him or her to see

and the rest of the documents in the judging section.


To get the ebooks you want to review, see the categories on the Global Ebook Awards site.

For categories, see Click on the link you were given in your judge acceptance email to be taken to the judges only page. Only the title of the book is listed, if you want a full description of an ebook you can go to that ebook’s listing at Amazon or Read the description and the reviews there. Note that Amazon is for more information only. Amazon is not where judges retrieve ebooks. Go to for the ebooks you want to evaluate, unless the ebook is on the judges page because it is not at Smashwords. See below.

You may select any number of ebooks to evaluate and those books may be from any category. Most judges like to read all the ebooks in a category. Write with any questions you may have.

Smashwords Coupon Code Manager

The Global Ebook Awards uses Smashwords to supply ebook review copies to the judges. Judges can retrieve the ebook formats (PDF, Kindle, ePub, etc.) of their choice.

Authors assign coupon codes to ebooks that we can share with judges. Judges enter the code prior to completing their checkout to receive a 100% discount. This is what the Nominees see.

Title Base Price Coupon Code Coupon Price Coupon Created Coupon Starts Coupon Expires Actions
Air Travel Handbook $4.97 BA47X $0.00(~100% off) 11/05/11 Immediately 11/14/11 Generate Coupon

Go to   If you don’t already have an account at, create one (it is free). Find the book you want and click on Add to Cart .

Enter the Coupon Code (100% discount) on the order blank page.

In a few cases, authors and publisher have elected not to go through the Smashwords Coupon Code procedure. You will be able to download these ebooks directly from the judges only page or if Amazon gifted copies are available email Becky (this will be noted on judges page).

Judges may begin reading and evaluating ebooks as soon as they sign up for the program. The deadline for submissions is April 30, 2021 and the evaluation period closes on August 1, 2021. So judges can read at their leisure. Judges who have time to read ebooks are more thorough in their evaluations.

Keep checking the judges only page  for more ebooks. More submissions are coming in each day.

Judging score sheet. The purpose of the sheet is not to override your subjective evaluation but to help you arrive at objective scores as well. Feel free to use the sheet in any way you wish. Go to:

Judges Score Sheets

and print out a few judging forms.

Please email your total overall score per ebook you judge to Please list the title of the ebook in the subject line of the email. If you have comments you would like to post on the ebook you judged please do so at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Do not mention in your reviews/comments that you are a Global Ebook Awards judge. We do not want reviews to affect the evaluation of other judges and we do not want nominees to know who their category judges are.   Thank you.

For more information on judging, see


For details on the 2020 Award Announcement, see


You may download the judge logo here:


Publishers of all sizes are welcome to enter ebooks for evaluation because we want this contest to be a place where self-publishers can stand alongside other authors on an equal footing with an equal shot at exposure and recognition.

Judges who are bloggers and reviewers are encouraged to review the ebooks they read in their blogs, on Amazon, B&, Midwest Book Review and other review periodicals.  Do not mention in your reviews that you are a Global Ebook Awards judge. We do not want reviews to affect the evaluation of other judges and we do not want nominees to know who their category judges are.   Thank you.

Judges may enter their own ebooks in other categories but not the categories they are judging.

Dan Poynter’s Global Ebook Awards, Santa Barbara.

For more information about the awards, see



Thank you for your participation. Not only are you seeing the very latest ebooks in your category, you are contributing to ebook history.

The Global Ebook Awards Team