61cxnfRdjGL._AC_US160_Tobe and the River Is is a whimsical, spiritual, fantasy adventure. The main character, Tobe, is a fisherman in a village on the edge of the world. One day, as he sleeps in a meadow, a light comes and momentarily hovers over him. It affects him in ways that turn his world upside down. In the life-changing days ahead, he feels driven to go on a journey to this mystical land called, Inlăkesh. On his way there he runs into black holes, the Bubble People, and finally a carnival. After a range of experiences in the carnival, he is shown the portal to Inlăkesh. Once in Inlăkesh, he meets his guide, Auriel and they begin their journey together. She surprises Tobe with her wisdom and insight into this strange and beautiful land. During their travels, they meet a variety of peculiar characters, and Tobe learns to swim in the River Is. He is astounded at his profound relationship to the River. This story is deeply psychological yet metaphysical, while at the same time worldly in its perspective.