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Early Reader, The Friends of Frog Hollow, by Evelynn Crowe is a 2015 Nominee for the Global Ebook Awards in the categories for Best Illustration in Children’s Fiction, and Children’s Literature – Fiction. First in a series of stories to be released, The Friends of Frog Hollow explores the meaning of friendship and how to make friends. Beautifully and graphically illustrated in a format adapted for modern technology, this original story uses humorous and engaging animal characters that any child and their parents can relate to and laugh with.


Story Synopsis 


Fraidy is afraid to come out of his house. He feels that he has no friends except for Wah-Frog. So Wah-Frog decides to introduce Fraidy to all his other friends in Frog Hollow. They form a club called “The Friends of Frogs.” They then find and build a clubhouse where they can all hang out together and have a lot of fun like best friends do.


Author Biography

American-Australian author Evelynn Crowe is the creator behind all of the original stories of Laughing Crow Studios, situated north of Sydney, Australia. A mother of two, Evelynn is dedicated to the idea of helping children and young people become better adults through sharing the simple, influential experiences that stay with us our whole lives. She believes it’s important for kids to be able to be kids, and for grown-ups to remember what it was like to be a young. Why? Because remembering how to relate to children and young people helps us to become better people. When we help each another, we help ourselves and our future in return.
Who we are
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Laughing Crow Studios is a digital story works production studio. We create original, high quality, graphically illustrated fiction for children, young adults, and the young-at-heart.

All of our stories are adapted for digital entertainment for modern readers. We design all of our published works expressly for iPads, tablets and handheld/mobile devices.

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