51f78UA5mWL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_Struggling actress Violet Edmondson has always believed that she’d become a famous movie star. She’s exceptionally beautiful and immensely talented. But the success she’s always expected, always craved, hasn’t happened. Her husband, Richard, has failed her—he works for a powerful talent agency, but he’s only an assistant and can’t help further her career. Although Richard does everything he can to please his wife, Violet is unsatisfied in her marriage, frustrated with life.
Then, Richard wheedles an invitation to an important Hollywood gala, but Violet refuses to go because she doesn’t have the right jewelry. Richard borrows from his meager retirement fund to buy her a necklace but, to save money, takes her to a shop that carries discounted merchandise. Violet is about to walk out of the store when she notices a case containing a rare antique necklace made of black platinum and the rare gemstone Alexandrite. Violet becomes enthralled with the necklace, but the strange old man who owns the shop tells her it’s not for sale. Eventually, though, Richard manages to convince the shopkeeper to sell him the necklace.
The necklace changes Violet’s life. But is the change for the better?
Based on the classic short story by Guy de Maupassant, The Alexandrite Necklace is a tale of horror, greed, ambition, and love.