Quite Curious by Sara Marie Hogg is a collection of short fiction about those perplexing unsolved mysteries and bizarre characters in our midst.  The stories are often told from the viewpoint of “flies on the wall.”  They first appeared at Venture Galleries, weekly, and are now bundled for reading convenience and available on Amazon.  Quite Curious ( Volume I) and Curious, Indeed (Volume II, recently published).  Some examples of these strange stories, are The Deadly Umbrella Man, a faith healer from the 1800s that drew crowds in the thousands and was effective at cures, odd substances that have rained from the skies, a space ship that crashed in Texas in the 1800s–a historical marker was erected, a Masonic mystery from the time of The Revolution, The Baby in a Suitcase–the Iron Mountain Mystery, The Hum, new evidence about Alcatraz escape attempts, The WOW Signal, Rogue Animals (elephants, lions, and snakes)  The Phantom Death Car, a baboon named Jack that took over as railroad signalman for his human companion in South Africa–there are many, many more of these eerie gems–over sixty in all.  Thank you readers!

Quite Curious is submitted in the Fiction/Short Stories category for 2017