The young man—a teenager, really—sighed, and began explaining the situation as if he were speaking with a child. “The Selected are people chosen to live above ground in specially-designed enclosures that offer protection from the Vorang—and, anything else which might try to kill them. They have housing, gardens, and recreational space—and, they make things which they trade to us for crops we grow.” He paused for a moment as he considered the ever-present danger. “Although, getting stuff to them is hit-and-miss with the threat of the Vorang . . .”

Award-winning author, Brian McCullough, does it again! On the Edge of Now: Book VI—Enlightenment, brings the Travelers to their most critical and dangerous challenge—one which places everything on the line. Transported to a world whose society fractures itself by distinguishing population classes, Tag, Rose, Claire, and Devin strive to help underground residents establish their independence, knowing they will instigate a civil war. The down-trodden fight for freedom, and the Elites strive to suppress their efforts. 

Who will succeed?