Ace homicide detectives, Angus Carlyle and Kerry, “Skeeter,” Sherwood find themselves ankle deep in bodies once again–              bodies that are missing important elements. They must travel to The Dark Continent to get some answers.

     Dark Continent Continental is the second novel in the Detective Thriller series featuring the two oddball detectives: 1) The Scavenger’s Song 2) Dark Continent Continental 3) Gris Gris and 4) Last-Chance Laroux.  Sara Marie Hogg is a contributor to Venture Galleries and the first three of these novels were serialized at VG, two to three episodes per week.  The first two are on Kindle, Gris Gris is awaiting Kindle publication and Last-Chance Laroux is still in the writing and editing stage.

     Many of the same characters return in all four novels as they work to track down creative and fiendish killers.

     Dark Continent Continental has been featured at Venture Galleries as the Author Showcase, October 1, 2014, Sunday Sampler on May 17, 2015, and Book of the Moment, August 22, 2015.  To quote the overnight reviewer in that tribute, “…the premise itself is unusual, people dropping dead, their brains completely disappeared.  You can’t get creepier than that.”