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Bio: Born in Toronto, Albert has seen his fair share of change. Whether forced upon him, when for medical reasons he couldn't complete air force pilot training; or by choice, when he headed to Berlin to try his hand at putting real estate deals together, change has been a constant in his life. Graduating from Trent University, Peterborough in 1987, he embarked upon a path taking him to places he never dreamed of, encountering people he never knew of. Be it touring the Far East, visiting a sparkling head office in India, living in a reunited Berlin, or experiencing a Miami at the peak of the Great Recession, Albert knows what it means to undergo change. Learning quickly and sometimes not so quickly, he took action to adapt to whatever circumstances came his way. If he didn't, he learned rapidly why inaction is simply not an option in life, and why developing trust among people is the foundation for everything we do. It's these experiences that form the basis for his new book 'The C.A.T. Principle: Change, Action, Trust - Words to Live By.' Albert continues to practice the C.A.T. Principle while working at a commercial real estate firm in Toronto. When not writing in his spare time, he's taken to learning Spanish.

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    The C.A.T. Principle: Change, Action, Trust – Words to Live By

    August 22nd, 2016

    Native Cover_4181320_Front Cover2014 Global Ebook Awards GoldGEbA_Silver

    GOLD Winner of the 2014 Global Ebook Awards for Best Self-Help Non-Fiction and now the expanded and revised edition winning the SILVER 2016 Global Ebook Awards for the same category, The C.A.T. Principle is a book about life and living it to the fullest. It recognizes that life is dealing with change, taking action, and doing it from trust. It’s these three traits that determine how life plays out and The C.A.T. Principle, in it’s own unique way, brings them to you in a fascinating and entertaining way.

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