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Bio: I am a family doctor and bestselling author in Quebec. I have received several national and international literary awards. My vision In the traditions of Walt Disney and Dr. Seuss, I breathe life into inanimate and wildly entertaining characters that engage children in powerful ways. Through parent/child interaction, my works develop a love for reading while helping children develop the most important skill of all - critical thinking. My work In English Are You Eating My Lunch? (AuthorHouse, 2015) Strike At Charles' Farm (AuthorHouse 2015) Parents for Sale (AuthorHouse, 2015) 2015 Bronze medal animal children’s book Readers’ Favorite Book Award, Dragonfly Books Award, honorable mention in the chapter-book category, Story Monster approved, and honorable mentions to Hollywood and New York Book Festivals. In French Félix and Boubou Series: The Magical Stethoscope (Boomerang) • L’otite de Lucas (Lucas’s Otitis, 2012) • La chasse aux poux (The Lice Hunt, 2012) • Un vaccin pour Joëlle (A Vaccine for Joëlle, 2013) • La Gastro-entérite de Léa (Léa’s Gastroenteritis, 2013) • Les allergies de Gabriel (Gabriel’s Allergies, 2014) • La varicelle de Sabrina (Sabrina’s Chickenpox, 2014) • Le bras cassé de Charles (Charles’ Broken Arm, 2015) • La magie du corps humain (The Magical Human Body, 2015) Votre guide santé info (Your Health Info Guide, Guy Saint-Jean, 2012) La fée des biscuits (The Cookie Fairy: A Collection of Christmas Stories, Andara, 2013) Vente de parents (Parents for Sale Boomerang, 2015)

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    Strike At Charles’ Farm/Grève à la ferme de Charles

    January 20th, 2016


    In this 30 pages picture book, Charles faces a problem. All the animals on his farm are on strike. They want to eat more, work less or play more. Go through this story and discover how Charles will get his animals to keep working at the farm: a great tale about the value of work and responsibility.
    This book is written in English and French.

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    Are You Eating My Lunch?/Manges-tu mon lunch?

    January 20th, 2016

    Are-You-Eating-My-LunchIIPNG - copieIn this 30 pages picture book, Xavier is visiting the zoo. At lunchtime, he can’t find his lunch. Xavier investigates. Who ate his lunch? Read this story to know more about zoo animal’s favorite food and find out where is Xavier’s lunch. This book is written in English and French.

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