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Bio: Andrea Foy is an award-winning internationally bestselling author. Her 2 books include and her 11 anthologies. Her newest novel, Prince and me, is her first Memoir. An Advanced Leader and Speaker with Toastmaster’s International, (ACS/ALS) she contributed to its first book, Heart of a Toastmaster and was honored to showcase her contribution on stage at their 2013 International Convention. She received her BA in Communications from Wright State U and MS from Capella Univ. She lives with in Southern Ohio.

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    Prince and Me: His #1 Fan: My Minneapolis Memories

    October 27th, 2016


    From her ‘first time’ with Prince in 1978 until present day, Andrea is Prince’s biggest fan.  A chance layover in Minneapolis as a flight attendant began a 10 year (1992-2002) eye-witness account into the outer circle of His Royal Badness and a fun, flirty, emotional odyssey roller coaster ride. From Paisley Parties to concerts all over the world, Andrea chronicles yet another side of an enigmatic legend of funk and rock and roll. (FUNKNROLL) It is original, unique and heartfelt, nobody else can tell this story and now is the time it needs to be told.

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