Lights On The Path is a compelling story of spiritual unfolding and discovery. Read, watch and experience alongside Pilar, as she seeks out spiritual traditions and teachers, shares intimate dialogues with mystical masters, and struggles to understand her own unfolding. Learn how she finally experiences the joy and peace of letting go into the “is.” Explore the ancient roots of yoga, Kundalini awakening, a dark night of the soul, past life regression, non-ordinary states of consciousness, mysticism and esoteric Christianity. Discover the joy and the dedication required when, at age 44, Pilar finds her spiritual home and the secrets of the Universe unfold through her practice. While living in America as a successful engineer, manager, mother and wife, Pilar journeys into the deeper realms of spirituality and self-discovery. Not content with just the material, she embarks on a search for inner peace, contentment and discernment, learning from the day-to-day life dramas that surround us. Guided by mystical teachers, she discovers ancient secrets of separating the real from the unreal; rising above attachment to desire; learning the practice of contentment and fearlessness; and reuniting with who we really are, the brightest and best of being human. Journey with Pilar as she seeks answers to the perennial questions: Who am I? What is my purpose? What is the nature of the Divine? Pilar’s stories and experiences, told through her comforting, warm and authentic voice, assure us that the Universe is indeed on our side, we have only to be open to the possibility. Let this book shine a light on your own journey toward inner peace, understanding, compassion and love.