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  1. Mulberry Street Blues, Smashwords e-book by Marc Krulewitch is another of his mysteries set in Chicago.
    Private Investigator Jules Landau’s longtime friend and mentor, “Uncle Snook” has been gunned down and his father, now released from ;prison, is providing more than enough for the investigation as he has not too much time left to live. Charles Snook was a close friend of the family and a CPA whose clients were on the “under” side of the law.( Landau’s father could have cut his time in prison by at least one-half if he had provided information about Snook and his client relationships.)
    The story follows Jules pursuit of the investigation and includes a varied host of characters. Included are: Audrey Moreau, a lovely young woman who is the owner of a tattoo parlor called the Tawdry Tats, Jason, a meth head who appears to be a constant occupant of her shop, various other of her acquaintances including L. A., another lovely young woman Dr. Tate, a University Chancellor, Mildish, a crocked politician, the owner of Baron Construction, an obnoxious Internal Affairs Investigator, a variety of other assorted persons and the reoccurring Jimmy Kalijero, a Greek detective of questionable character with whom Landau has an unusual relationship. All off the characters had a relationship to Christopher Snook.
    The plot has a number of unusual twists and turns and follows a credible path of action, drawing to an interesting climax climax. I believe that readers will find this novel to be as enjoyable as Scofflaw Blues. Reviewed by John H. Manhold, award winning author of Fiction/non-fiction.

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