The Magical Cloud aims to convey a message about the joy of life. All twenty-six stories included in this e-Book combine the fantasy of an imaginary cloud (and of the characters who live in it) with real life situations that children may go through.

Characters such as Clop, Clip, Star, Crystal, Thunders, Sparks, Comets, and Light will take the reader from seeing how the Cloud-mates face their fears by solving the mystery of a so-called ghost, to learning about the different seasons on Earth and witnessing a boy’s dream of becoming an astronautto name a few of their adventures.

The author firmly believes that adults have the opportunityas well as the responsibilityto guide children in their path to fulfillment, so this e-Book also intends to be a calling for grown-ups to read it along with their little ones.

In a journey through fantasy and imagination, The Magical Cloud weaves lifelong, positive messages back to Children’s Literature and family, by understanding that Childhood is the best moment in life to plant a seed of hope, courage, and love that will outgrow the passing of time.