A fated love and a sacred destiny brought through time.

The Hidden Abbey interweaves the story of two lovers who must fulfill a fated mission that spans across centuries and two lifetimes. In sixteenth-century England, Marissa is a headstrong apprentice priestess of the mystical and legendary Isle of Avalon. She must learn to be a wise and responsible leader if she is to one day inherit the title of High Priestess. Her secret lover, Michael, is a warrior from a noble lineage.

The two are charged with a grand and momentous task—to safeguard the Creation Bowl, the sacred vessel of the ancient Goddess tradition, imbued with the power to help heal the world. When King Henry VIII confiscates and destroys all of England’s abbeys, the Bowl is endangered. As Marissa and Michael fight to protect it, they are irrevocably separated, and their quest is thwarted.

When they are reborn and meet again in the twenty-first century as Sophie and Daniel, they are given one final chance. The story follows their efforts to remember—each other and their shared destiny.