51jAxvCRg1L._SX365_BO1,204,203,200_Dreams Guide Professional Writing: Textbook and Writers’ Handbook explains and illustrates how four writers, primarily Evelyn Duesbury, use their nighttime dreams to guide their waking-life writing projects. Primary audiences for this book include college and university students enrolled in writing courses, and all writers who desire to learn how to use their nighttime dreams to guide their writings.

When used as a textbook, writing department chairs can adopt the book as either a main textbook or as a supplementary resource for their students. The book includes an appendix with suggestions for professors who use the book as a textbook.

Dreams Guide Professional Writing: Textbook and Writers’ Handbook explores unique realms of a writer’s career that have rarely, if ever, been examined previously. Those realms include actual dreams, dreamer-writers’ pre-dream thoughts about writing (problems) that prompted their dreams, dreamer-writers’ descriptions of how they found detailed directions (solutions) in their dreams, and how they used those solutions.

Whatever your profession, you can use your dreaming mind to guide your writings. You will be amazed.


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