Begin Your Journey to Enlightenment and Transformation

Walk a Path Similar to that of the Spiritual Masters …

Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad… Feel what they must have felt …and confront the same demons that haunted them. After all, even after they became awake and aware of their mission in life – they were still mere mortals. 

You’ll experience such a journey as you read Kathleen M. Flanagan’s authentic and gripping novel …
Dancing Souls: Merging Heaven and Earth – The Call.

The Ultimate Test …a Mission from the Creator

Walk side by side with, Destiny, as she awakens to her true spirit and accepts a quest from the Creator …a quest that puts her at risk of losing herself forever. During Destiny’s gut-wrenching spiritual journey, you’ll walk step by step with her as you both …

  • Face down your hidden, and not-so-hidden, demons and fears
  • Learn to detach from Earthly drama – and fully participate in your life
  • Tap into an inner peace that comes when you learn to be still and receive
  • Become aware that you are never alone – no matter how alone you may feel

Dancing Souls artfully brings awareness to the truth that there is perfection in every situation in which you find yourself.

Because within every situation, no matter how dark it may seem, there is a message, a lesson and an invitation to grow.