I have overcome the odds of a pregnancy in the middle of the Rocky Mountains and given birth.

I have struggled to remain hidden from the prying eyes of the global conglomerate called the Protectorate.

I have resisted the robots, drones, droids, androids, and mechs that the Protectorate has arrayed against me.

I have narrowly escaped the clutches of that non-discriminatory killer, La Guillotine.

I have been betrayed by those who professed to be my loved ones.

I have discovered the true secret behind the radical origin and birth of that most heinous individual, the Overlord of the World.

I have stared into the face of evil as it straddled the Golden Throne and ruled the world with an iron hand.

I have entrenched myself in a final line in the soil against the ultimate battle that will end all battles.

I did not think I would live to tell about it, fraught with peril and beset by soul-piercing danger on every side.

But I did…

I am Ashton Deveraux Forte.

My story could be your story.

But you would never want it to be.

Not after what I’ve been through.

Learn from my mistakes and avoid them altogether.