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    August 13th, 2017


    Happily ever after. The hard way.
    David Fitz is a small time drug dealer and con artist who funds his habits and that of his girlfriend, Juno, through drug sales and petty crime. Both are eager to get clean and start a new life, far away from the dangers of the city.
    They hatch a plan, with an ambitious police officer, to provide evidence against David’s boss. Together they will bring him to justice in return for witness protection. It sounds simple enough, but as soon as they kick their habits Juno gets cold feet. She decides that she no longer wants to rat on David’s boss, or to be a part of David’s life anymore, though she knows that staying together is the only way to stay alive and that the original plan will have to be carried out.
    Things get even worse when the cop they are working with leaves them in the middle of nowhere, with no money, no real protection and no long-term plan.
    When David’s boss is released on bail after just 24 hours they know he will soon be after them. And when he phones them at their new home, they find that there is yet another twist in their already complicated situation.
    In their seemingly nice new neighbourhood, David and Juno befriend Cadence and Brent. The couple seem friendly enough, but why are they so keen to help when they themselves could face untold dangers?
    With ever dwindling options, and David’s boss closing in on them, he and Juno are forced into trusting their new neighbours with their lives. Their strange alliance has to be better than the certain death they are facing if David’s boss finds them
    Then again, it could be much, much worse.


    Editorial Reviews


    Anyone picking up a novel by Michael Golvach should know they are in the hands of a confident and clever writer with a distinctive literary voice. From Missing Pieces to Bloody Gullets he’s demonstrated his unwillingness to compromise when it comes to originality and Fix is no different. It’s a bold move by any author to dabble in another genre but with its dark haunted undertones, this is one step change that works extraordinarily well. With its deliriously fast pace matched by the quality of Golvach’s writing, it proves a clever, intricate and intriguing novel that is a genuine joy to read,highly engaging and all but impossible to put down. As with his previous novels, there are detailed motives behind the conflict and competing agendas at work but the real stroke of genius in Fix is its flawed protagonist in David Fitz. On many levels, his character is a masterstroke which reflects the dark energy and gritty sense of realism that underpins the novel as a whole. It’s not a quick read, coming in at over 600 pages but with a diverse cast of characters, impressive dialogue, interplay and an ingenious multi-layered plot Fix is one read that’s over far too quick.

    Another superbly written and highly entertaining read from Golvach, Fix is sure to delight his many readers and is recommended without reservation. (BookViral)
    Having read for review Bloody Gullets and What I Did This Summer by Davey Fitz, (a short story related to the full novel, FiX) I, once again, have the distinct pleasure of introducing the brilliantly twisted mind of Michael Golvach to new readers. In the paranormal thriller FiX, David Fitz, a small time drug dealer, and his girlfriend, Juno, are on the run from David’s boss. What they hoped would be witness protection turns into a set-up and David’s boss, held for only twenty-four hours of questioning, is free and hot on their tail. From that point onward, the story turns into a serpentine tale of betrayal, new friendships with Cadence and Brent (whose personalities and talents are far deeper than meets the eye), violent paranormal events, murder, blood (lots of blood), and twists and turns enough to provide even the most jaded reader with an exciting and dizzying reading experience.
    Golvach’s skill in creating an illusory scene that reeks of reality is unparalleled by anyone I’ve read in the past, except the indomitable Edgar A. Poe. His characters come alive as everyday people with talents and shortcomings, trying their best to survive a hostile environment and eventuality that grows weirder and more complicated with every turn of the page. So much goes on, so fast in this story, it’s impossible for me and my meager talents to describe. How Golvach keeps it all together and pulls every unimaginable facet into a tightly woven, beautifully executed story is beyond me. But you can trust me on this; you will never see what’s coming, and that makes FiX a must-read story for every fan of paranormal / horror thrillers, crime mysteries and, believe it or not, a love story. – Lex Allen for Reader’s Favorite International Book Awards

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    Missing Pieces

    March 16th, 2016

    ebook-half  — MISSING PIECES: SYNOPSIS —

     Mandi Wexler grew up in a dysfunctional household, suffering unspeakable abuse. As she grew older, she lost more and more pieces of her soul until at last she matured into a hollow, haunted shell of a human being. Now she is an abused automaton who bends to the will of vicious and evil men, shutting out the good in the world and resigning herself to a life of misery, giving up all hope of becoming the vibrant young woman she could have been.

    Michael Skyler grew up in a military family, becoming used to never setting down roots, never alone yet always lonely, but never lacking for love and care. When he meets Mandi, he finds himself deeply drawn to her, even though he is hard pressed to explain why.

    Mandi tries her best to drive Michael away, not wanting him to see the scars on her body and soul. But the more Michael pursues her, the more she finds herself falling for him. Yet winning Mandi’s love is not going to be easy for Michael, even if he can help free her from her self-imposed enslavement, for deep within Mandi lurks personal demons more menacing than any man ever could be.

    Will Michael be driven away by Mandi’s dark secret, or will his love finally help Mandi replace the missing pieces of her heart?


    “Beguilingly intelligent with a powerful moral dimension, Missing Pieces is the latest release from Michael Golvach. A slick and facile novel he is completely at ease with his narrative, never striving for effect but careful to be sure we get the message. There’s a humane sensibility always bubbling beneath the surface that’s simultaneously sympathetic and fiercely judgmental and one quickly gets the sense that there’s something needful and anguished going on, sometimes veering towards disturbing as we come to know more about Mandi’s abuse. Emotionally charged, Golvach’s characters are strong and believable as further aspects of their back stories are revealed and it’s to his credit that he achieves an equitable balance between show and tell. On this level it’s a chilling reminder of an unfortunate truth that no one comes away from severe childhood trauma unscathed and Mandi’s internal angst is handled with as much complexity as Golvach’s underlying theme.  A powerful and thought provoking read that will linger well beyond the last page, Missing Pieces is one of those novels you will want to talk about. Certainly deserving of a place on yourbookshelf it is strongly recommended.” (BookViral)

    “There is only one word that describes this novel: “beautiful.” The story is so powerful and poignant that you can actually feel the pain deep inside you. You become one with the characters and that is a major gigantic star for the writer. The story is moving, the characters are strong, and you will simply love them for being the way they are. Many times, writers are not able to write really good dialogues, but in this novel they are on point, like REALLY on point. The characters are beautiful, the story is beautiful, and the cover of the novel is just perfect! You do not want to miss this one; it is a novel that will stay with you for a long, long, long time.”(Rabia Tanveer, Reader’s Favorite Reviews)

    “Missing Pieces is a tender romance about letting go and getting second chances. I really enjoyed Golvach’s characters and the intensity that built between Michael and Mandi. I thought their slow burning love affair was really well written. I wanted Michael and Mandi to figure out a way to get together quickly, but having it take time (due to Mandi’s insecurities) helped build the tension in the story. I was really invested in their relationship’s outcome, and I thought that was a very smart way to build the tension. I also liked the fact that this romance talked about some darker topics not usually associated with contemporary romances. I felt Golvach brought an awareness that I, for one, really appreciated.” (Anna Smith – Reader’s FavoriteReviews)

    “Many questions will come into readers’ minds while reading this story and that keeps them hooked till the very end. The author brings out the contrasting backgrounds and psyches of the main characters of Michael Skyler and Mandi Wexler effectively, and the rest of the characters complement the plot beautifully. The plot is fast paced and the detailed and vivid descriptions make the scenes, characters, and the events come alive. The story is sad, it’s tragic; it’s palpable and touches the hearts of readers. The story shows love beautifully and how everyone would like to have someone so caring, so loving, and so protective like Michael in their lives.” (Mamta Madhavan,Reader’s Favorite Reviews)

    “I found Missing Pieces by Michael Golvach to be a very heartbreaking and emotional roller coaster ride, but also very complex and moving. Any time a book deals with trauma and abuse, it’s guaranteed to be a difficult read, but I think Golvach does an excellent job telling the story and describing the abuse in a very non-offensive way. The story is very emotional and raw, and it was heart wrenching to read about what Mandi grew up in and how it affected her life, even into later years. It’s a very sobering thing to realize that how we are treated when we are young has such a direct impact on our lives, all the way to adulthood. Mandi could have turned out so different if she had been loved and treated with respect in her childhood. The choices we and others make have lasting consequences.  I really liked the relationship between Mandi and Michael. They each had inner demons that only the other could tame. It was endearing to see how their relationship blossomed and grew as the story progressed. I would recommend Missing Pieces by Michael Golvach to all fans of romance and drama genres.” (Charity Tober, Readers’ Favorite Reviews)

    “I really enjoyed Missing Pieces. It is an endearing romance about two completely different people who end up falling in love, and I loved that message. I also really liked that it touched on some darker issues, like Mandi’s childhood and the abuse that she suffered. You don’t always see that kind of intensity in romantic stories, but I thought Golvach handled it well in this novel. The darker parts of the story were woven in well and weren’t too dark, and there was always Michael’s character nearby to lighten up the intensity and give Mandi and the reader hope that the story would brighten up and take on a happier ending. Balancing the darkness and lightheartedness was a really smart way for Golvach to handle the story.” (Renee Taylor,Readers’ Favorite Reviews)

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