UP&D cover with woman & 2 girls

An English-Ukrainian phrasebook and dictionary in ebook format with the following features:

1. Phrases and terms grouped under key word(s) that they contain.
2. Key words, in red font, arranged in alphabetical order, as in a dictionary. (No categories as in most phrasebooks.)
3. Tiny x’s in front of the key words to prevent mass results in searches. (When searching, type an x and then the word.)
4. English pronunciation of Ukrainian in blue font.

5. Statements and clickable facts about Ukraine under related key words. Example, under the word “author”, the statement: “Ten famous Ukrainian authors are… (10 names, each clickable). Most of the clicks go to Wikipedia articles.
6. A very large Ukrainian-English menu guide, which equals 157 printed pages.
7. An extensive appendix with easy-to-read explanations of Ukrainian grammar.
8. Other appendices on Ukrainian pronunciation, cardinal and ordinal numbers. clock and calendar time, adult weights and heights, clothing sizes, metric system, common Ukrainian signs and labels, and comments by prominent Ukrainians.
9. The size of this ebook equals more than 1700 6″x8″ Word pages, the largest electronic phrasebook-dictionary in existence.