GEbA_Bronze_WebThe year is 1173. A remote fief in Northern England has suddenly been invaded by the Scots. Lord Duncan’s lands are being pillaged and burned, and his only son is abducted by a ruthless band of Scottish knights. He leaves his castle to secure his son’s release, leaving his strong-willed daughter Katriona behind. In his absence, a force of knights under the authority of Sir Morgan, known as the king’s lion, seizes the castle, and are mistaken for the invading Scottish.

Feisty Katriona fights a battle of wills with Sir Morgan, the commander of the knights who have invaded her castle home. Held by his vows to the king, he can tell no one except Lord Duncan the nature of his mission. Intrigued by the unorthodox Katriona, Sir Morgan maps out strategies to capture her heart, yet she does not conform to any of his carefully laid plans, defying him at every turn. Believing him to be the enemy, she seems unable to truly love him.

When the murderous band of Scottish knights returns, accompanied by Katriona’s brother, they descend upon the castle with claims that her father betrothed her to one of them, the vicious Bhaltair. Sir Morgan makes plans to defend Katriona and the castle, culminating in a dramatic battle that pits him against Bhaltair. Although Sir Morgan’s battle with the Scots may yet be won, his battle for Katriona’s love is another story.