Mary Jane Chevalier feels invisible, like she doesn’t matter to anyone. Her good deeds seem to go unnoticed, and the voice in her mind, her conscience, won’t stop bugging her. Alone and on her own, she searches for her father. She needs answers . . . why he did what he did. Answers only he can provide.
She finds Jack and Sera, an odd man and a little girl, hiding out in a condemned, deserted hotel . . . a pair of innocents in a harsh world. The two are being hunted down because Sera saw something she shouldn’t have . . . something deadly. Hunted, by Edgar Lairdman, an overly-controlling and unstable real estate tycoon with ties to the police and the criminal underworld.
Compelled by a persistent inner voice and her own compassion, somehow Mary Jane must find a way . . .
To save the innocents.