The Issue

“Why can’t I use drugs or alcohol now and then?”
“When should I have sex?”
No young lady wants to ask her parents those questions.  Just thinking about the lecture that would follow is enough to make her squirm with embarrassment.  But she needs answers.  Relying on the advice of her friends and boyfriend may not lead to the best outcome, but what choice does she have?  Too many adults are hard to talk to and out of touch with what she is going through.

The Answer

This is why every young lady needs a Grandpa. Grandpa, Help! is a series of books written by one grandpa and a several of his granddaughters to help young ladies find answers to the critical questions in their lives. “Grandpa” has discovered that young ladies will ask for his advice (and even follow it) if he is understanding, nonjudgmental, and willing to explain why. His granddaughters know he cares, and they listen to him because he communicates with humor and subtlety, not lectures.

Grandpa promised to answer his granddaughters questions honestly, and they proceeded to ask questions he never envisioned they would ask. He has provided them with solutions that are down-to-earth practical and generously laced with humor. They remember the lessons and continually come back with more questions. He doesn’t chide them if they don’t follow his advice, so they feel free to confide in him as they progress in life.

Herb and his granddaughters are collecting the questions and answers into a series of ebooks. Grandpa, Help! is available at