A Guide to Creating Your New Health Destiny by Nourishing Your Mind, Body, Relationships, and Environment
Living healthy doesn’t need to be complicated. Four Quadrant Living shows readers how to take responsibility for their own health by providing logically organized and easily implemented ideas and suggestions for nourishing the “four quadrants” of our lives. The book includes ways to reduce stress, live mindfully, eat well, exercise more, sleep better, engage in healthy relationships, and detoxify environments.

Many people worry about getting cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, or heart disease because it “runs in the family.” This attitude encourages a passive, out-of-my-hands approach. Instead, Four Quadrant Living offers a new prescription for health, one that emphasizes positive steps readers can take to make healthy living a part of their daily routine. Four Quadrant Living provides simple, effective, and natural ways to help readers take control of their health so that they feel empowered, beat the odds, and live radiantly.

We may be eating well and exercising, but we cannot truly be healthy if our mind is stressed, our relationships are toxic, and our world is sick. Every day we make choices that impact our health-the foods we eat, the products we use, the exercise we get, the stress we allow, the people we surround ourselves with, and the environment we live in.

Four Quadrant Living guides readers to make healthy living a part of their daily lives, leading to abundant health, vitality, and happiness.

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