Like sharks safe in the dark fathoms of the sea to prey on targets, The Bullies’ Predatory Footprint looks at the vast, opportunistic, cruel, and predatory behaviour of bullying that is exercised to repress and maintain an ascendancy of dominance, power, and control over others.
Reducing human value, costing billions a year in terms of lost productivity, damaged relationship, traumatized victims, and the fraying of the tenuous fabric of respect and dignity that holds society together the book examines how bullying permeates society in schools, workplaces, institutions, cyberspace and the elderly.
Referencing hundreds of experts from the specialist subject area of bullying, the book identifies dysfunctional rules of engagement, self defence strategies to protect against the behaviour and the need for cultural changes and power shifts. International studies from across the globe exposes the dearth of regulation in many countries from – governments to trade unions – who shirk their responsibility to protect individuals from the detrimental effects of the behaviour when social, economic, and cultural changes are not followed up by legitimised actions.
Harrying many young and vulnerable people to suicide, the clarion cry from communities, families, and friends touched and disabled by its impact is reduced to little more than a humanitarian reflex. In thirty years time, unanswerable questions to posterity and a lack of human response may seem perplexing to a new generation of people born into an inherited form of entrapment.