Finalists for 2011 Global eBook Awards

On August 19, 2011, in FINALIST, by DanPoynter

The 60+ categories are listed alphabetically and the entries are also listed under them in alpha order.


Action/Adventure — Non-Fiction

  • An American in Oz — Discovering the Island Continent of AUSTRALIA by Jennifer Monahan — WINNER
  • The Russian Revolution of 1991: A Novel by Earl E. Brown

Advertising/Marketing/Sales — Non-Fiction

  • 3 Off the Tee: Targeting Success by Lorii Myers
  • How to Build Buzz for Your Biz, Tap into the Power of Social Media, Publicity, & Relationship Marketing to Grow Your Business by Wendy Kenney — WINNER
  • How to Market and Sell Ebooks by Jack Corcoran

Animals/Pets — Non-Fiction

  • Doggie Biscuit by Darrell Bain
  • Help for Your Fearful Dog by Nicole Wilde — WINNER
  • Jack the Dog: And His Boy by Victor Brodt

Art/Graphics – Non-Fiction

  • 151 Uncommon and Amazing Art Studio Secrets by Martin Safir — WINNER

Autobiography/Memoirs — Non-Fiction

  • CHARLIE & ME by Harriett Bronson
  • FLASHBACKS by Art Hansl
  • I Will Fly Again by Lili Dauphin
  • The Garbage Man’s Daughter: Letting Go of Shame by Gloria Shell Mitchell
  • The Red Skirt Memoirs of an Ex Nun by Patricia ODonnell-Gibson — WINNER

Best eBook Cover — Fiction

  • Pilate’s Cross by J. Alexander Greenwood
  • Selene of Alexandria by Faith L. Justice by Faith L. Justice
  • State of Mind eBook Cover by Sven Davison — WINNER

Best eBook Cover — Non-Fiction

  • 151 Uncommon and Amazing Art Studio Secrets by Martin Safir  — WINNER
  • The Pathway to Love: Create Intimacy and Transform Your Relationships through Self-Discovery by Julie Orlov

Best eBook Trailer — Fiction

  • Altamont Augie by Richard Barager
  • State Of Mind Book Trailer by Sven Davison — WINNER
  • The Invisible Enemy: Black Fox by Anthony R Howard

Best eBook Trailer — Non-Fiction

  • 3 Off the Tee: Targeting Success by Lorii Myers
  • Conversations with Jerry and Other People I Thought Were Dead by Irene Kendig — WINNER

Best Illustration in Fiction

  • Blade Chatter–Twenty-Four Stories of the Macabre by Sara Marie Hogg
  • Soda Springs by Terry Marshall — WINNER

Best Illustration in Non-Fiction

  • Selling Change, 101+ Secrets for Growing Sales by Leading Change by Brett Clay
  • Why and How To Research Any Guy by Trish Mathews — WINNER

Best Photography

  • Live your Passion: Food by Michael and Jane Pelusey — WINNER

Biography — Non-Fiction

  • Paradise Earth by Robert Muller and Douglas Gillies
  • Wildlife Stalker — Days in the Life of Filmmaker Bob Landis by Kevin G. Rhoades — WINNER

Business — Non-Fiction

  • How to Build Buzz for Your Biz, Tap into the Power of Social Media, Publicity, & Relationship Marketing to Grow Your Business by Wendy Kenney — WINNER
  • MINITRENDS: How Innovators & Entrepreneurs Discover & Profit From Business & Technology Trends by John H. Vanston with Carrie Vanston
  • Selling Change: 101+ Secrets for Growing Sales by Leading Change by Brett Clay

Careers/Employment — Non-Fiction

  • Hire Power; How to find, get, and keep a job. by Andrea Foy — WINNER
  • The Truth About Cruise Ships — A Cruise Ship Officer Survives the Work, Adventure, Alcohol, and Sex of Ship Life by Jay Herring

Children’s Literature — Fiction

  • Pond Punkies Book 1 The Arrival by Lisa Riebe — WINNER
  • The Weaver by Kai Strand
  • Toto’s Tale by K. D. Hays and Meg Weidman

Children’s Picture Books — Fiction

  • Sully’s Topsy Tale by Donna Shepherd — WINNER
  • The Golden Pathway — an historical fiction story about the Underground Railroad by Donna M. McDine
  • The Magic Word by Sherrill S. Cannon

Christian eBook — Children’s

  • Angel Eyes by Dixie Phillips — WINNER
  • The Creation by Janice D. Green

Christian eBook

  • Equip Your Mind with the Word of God, Volume 1, Foundational Truths for Living, NIV by Barney Browne
  • Grow Old With Me by Melinda Evaul
  • It’s All About HYMN: Essays on Reclaiming Sacred and Traditional Music for Worship by Donn LeVie Jr. — WINNER

Classical Studies/Philosophy – Non-Fiction

  • A New Earth and A New Universe by Rodney Bartlett

Communications – Non-Fiction

  • How To Talk To Someone You Don’t Want To–But Have To. smart ways to respond to conflict at home and at work by Wave J. Bannister — WINNER
  • Talk Like A Winner!: 21 Simple Rules For Achieving Everyday Communication Success by Steve Nakamoto

Cookbooks — Non-Fiction

  • Cooking On The Light Side by Thienna Ho, Ph.D.
  • Recipes from Camp Trillium by Louise Gaylord — WINNER

Current Events/Politics/Foreign Affairs — Non-Fiction

  • Exoneration: The Trial of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg and Morton Sobell — Prosecutorial Deceptions, Suborned Perjuries, Anti-Semitism, and Precedent For Today’s Unconstitutional Trials by Miryam Gordon
  • The American Psyche in Search of its Soul: A Meditation on Government, Business, Science, Media and Family by Andrew Cort
  • The New Arab Revolt by Gideon Rose — WINNER

Death/Dying (Thanatology) — Non-Fiction

  • Conversations with Jerry and Other People I Thought Were Dead by Irene Kendig — WINNER
  • Goodbye, Mom — I’ll Always Love You by PamChubbuck

Diet/Nutrition — Non-Fiction

  • Bragg Healthy Lifestyle: Vital Living to 120! by Dr. Patricia Bragg
  • Caffeine Makes Me Bleed: And How It Can Poison You, Too! by Susan Lynn
  • Loving Your Self Thin by Patricia Bacall — WINNER

Education — Non-Fiction

  • Ageless Internet — Internet BASICS for Boomers and Seniors by Terry Lynne Hale
  • How to Study with Mind Maps: The Concise Learning Method by Toni Krasnic
  • School Carnival Guide by Jack Corcoran — WINNER

Entertainment and Performing Arts — Non-Fiction

  • INSTRUMENTAL INFLUENCES: Reflections on the Classical Guitar from the Instrument’s Most Influential Performers and Pedagogues by Donn LeVie Jr.
  • So You Think Your Life’s A Movie? — Ten Steps To A Script That Sells by Linda Bergman — WINNER

Finance/Investment/Wealth — Non-Fiction

  • Money Makes Me Crazy! A Prescription for Money Sanity by Ted McLyman
  • Squeeze the Most Out of Your Money: A No-Nonsense Money Management System to Maximize Your Dollars and Minimize Your Money Stress by Patricia Stallworth — WINNER

Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender — Non-Fiction

  • Risking Everything: Coming Out in Coffee Land by Elizabeth Worley — WINNER

Health, Fitness and Beauty, Non-Fiction

  • Build Strong Healthy Feet: Banish Aches and Pains by Dr. Patricia Bragg
  • SLEEP — The Ultimate Secret to Ageless Achievement by Fawn O’Connor — WINNER

Historical Fiction — Ancient History

  • Flight of the Sorceress by Barry S. Willdorf — WINNER
  • The Silurian, Book Two: The King of Battles by L.A. Wilson

Historical Fiction — Contemporary

  • NOC — Non-Official Cover: British Secret Operations by NOC Nicholas Anderson — WINNER
  • Tremolo: cry of the loon by Aaron Paul Lazar
  • Two Paths Crossing: Then and Now by John D Swisher

Historical Fiction — Modern History

  • Dudley’s Fusiliers by Harold R. Thompson
  • The Molly Lake Chronicles Book 1 The Triangles of Quebec by Samuel Endicott — WINNER
  • The Molly Lake Chronicles Book 2 Barely Afloat by Samuel Endicott

Hobby/Craft/Activities— Non-Fiction

  • How to Design, Build and Outfit Your Own Camp Kitchen by Ken Ralston
  • The Poison Oak and Poison Ivy Survival Guide by Sandra J. Baker
  • Celestial Navigation for the Complete Idiot by Gene Grossman — WINNER

Horror — Fiction

  • Abiding Evil by Alison Buck
  • Neeta Lyffe, Zombie Exterminator by Karina Fabian — WINNER

Humor/Comedy — Fiction

  • Pun Enchanted Evenings by A Healthy Relationship Press, LLC — WINNER
  • The Case of the Flashing Fashion Queen: A Dix Dodd Mystery by N.L. Wilson

Inspirational/Visionary — Fiction and Non-Fiction

  • Choose Gratitude Not Attitude Even When Sh*t Hits the Fan! by Beverlee Harbour Gopp
  • Living the Life of Your Dreams — The Secrets of Turning Your Dreams into Reality by Marilyn Tam — WINNER
  • Opening the Gates of the Heart: A Journey of Healing by Carolyn CJ Jones
  • Savannah’s Black “First Ladies”, Vol. 1 by Brenda L Roberts

Leadership — Non-Fiction

  • Master Your World ~ 10 Dog-Inspired Leadership Lessons to Improve Productivity, Profits and Communication by Mary Kelly — WINNER
  • Selling Change, 101+ Secrets for Growing Sales by Leading Change by Brett Clay

Medicine/Healthcare — Non-Fiction

  • A Dose of Reality: Losing William to the Big Business of Cancer in America by Deborah Walters Childs — WINNER
  • Complications: A Doctor’s Love Story by Linda Gromko

Multicultural — Fiction

  • Chasing the Spirit of Service by Kristen Zajac — WINNER
  • SELLOUT by James Lewis
  • Soda Springs by Terry Marshall
  • When Love Isn’t Enough by Stephanie Casher

Mystery — General

  • …Until Proven Innocent: Peter Sharp Legal Mystery #5 by Gene Grossman — WINNER
  • Julia Fairchild by Louise Gaylord
  • Murder by Fire by Bill Bonner
  • Shattered Lens: Catherine Winter, Private Investigator (Catherine Winter Series #1) by Linda Pendleton
  • Spa Deadly by Louise Gaylord
  • The Golden Crusader by Linda Langwith

Mystery — Amateur Sleuth

  • H2Glo — A Bailey Quinn Environmental Misadventure by PD Abbey
  • The Quarry by Laurie Loveman
  • The Winning Certificate A Rick Podowski and the Hefty Trio Amateur Detective Novel by Robert Miller — WINNER

Mystery — Suspense

  • Healey’s Cave by Aaron Paul Lazar
  • Memories by Laurie Loveman — WINNER

Mystery — Thriller

  • Beachside PD: The Reluctant Knight by Neil L. Yuzuk and David A. Yuzuk
  • Butcher of Dreams by Kay Williams and Eileen Wyman — WINNER
  • Daughter of God: The Inquisition of Sarah Beaux by J. F. Chambers
  • Final Mercy by Frank J. Edwards
  • Sunstroke by Art Hansl
  • THE PURPLES by W. K. Berger

New Age — Non-Fiction

  • 101 Ways to Meditate: Discover Your True Self by Linda A. Lavid
  • Northern Lore: A Field Guide To The Northern Mind, Body & Spirit by Eoghan Odinsson — WINNER
  • The Heaven at the End of Science: An Argument for a New Worldview of Hope by Philip Mereton

Parenting/Family — Non-Fiction

  • Happy, Healthy, Wealthy, Wise by Joanne Thomas
  • Help! What Do I Do Now? Caring for Your Loved One with Alzheimer’s by Nancy Nicholson — WINNER
  • Parents’ Handbook: NLP and Common Sense Guide for Family Well-Being by Roger Ellerton


  • Mosaic of Love by Laura Thompson
  • The Secret Love Story in Shakespeare’s Sonnets by Helen Heightsman Gordon
  • Touching: Poems of Love, Longing, and Desire by Sari Friedman & D. Patrick Miller, Editors — WINNER

Popular Literature — Fiction

  • Angels and their Hourglasses by J.M. Surra — WINNER
  • The Dawning (A Novel of Mystery and Suspense) by Linda Pendleton
  • The Secret of Lies by Barbara Forte Abate

Pre-Teen Literature — Fiction

  • Dragon Cloud by Denice Hughes Lewis — WINNER
  • Guinevere: On the Eve of Legend by Cheryl Carpinello

Professional/Technical — Non-Fiction

  • Chili Hot GMAT: Verbal Review by Brandon Royal — WINNER
  • Ministry Of Defense: Executive Protection For The Ministry by Pablo Birriel

Psychology/Mental Health — Non-Fiction

  • HOW TO FORGIVE WHEN YOU CAN’T: The Breakthrough Guide To Free Your Heart & Mind by Dr. Jim Dincalci
  • You CAN Prevent Alzheimer’s!: A Neuropsychologist’s Secrets to Better Brain Health by Dr. Thomas Harding — WINNER

Reference — Non-Fiction

  • ExpertBook by Mitchell P. Davis
  • The Slippery Art of Book Reviewing by Mayra Calvani — WINNER
  • Word Trippers: The Ultimate Source for Choosing the Perfect Word When It Really Matters by Barbara McNichol

Relationships/Sexuality — Non-Fiction

  • Frequent Foreplay Miles, Your Ticket to Total Intimacy by Shela Dean
  • The Indestructible Relationship by Kimberly Pryor
  • The Pathway to Love: Create Intimacy and Transform Your Relationships through Self-Discovery by Julie Orlov — WINNER
  • This Path We Share: Beating the Odds by Lois Tschetter Hjelmstad

Religion/Faith — Fiction

  • One Noble Journey by Dixie Phillips
  • The Prophetess One: At Risk by Linda Rohrbough — WINNER

Religion/Faith — Non-Fiction

  • Bathsheba’s Boy by Katherine B. Duke
  • Raped: Memories of a Catholic Altar Boy by Dennis Domrzalski — WINNER

Romance — Fiction

  • Love Letters by Geraldine Solon One Last Dance: It’s Never Too Late to Fall in Love by Mardo Williams
  • Rainstorm by Diane Brandow — WINNER

Self-Help — Non-Fiction

  • Basic Accounting Simplified by Alvin Lesser and Gary Lesser
  • Living the Life of Your Dreams — The Secrets of Turning Your Dreams into Reality by Marilyn Tam
  • Out of the Psychic Closet: The Quest to Trust My True Nature by Toby Fesler Heathcotte
  • The Hardline Self Help Handbook–What Are You Willing to Do to Get What You Really Want? by Paula Renaye — WINNER

Short Stories — Fiction

  • Blade Chatter–Twenty-Four Stories of the Macabre by Sara Marie Hogg
  • Kappa Hunter by J. K. Swift by J. K. Swift — WINNER

Speculative Fiction — Fantasy

  • Nor Iron Bars a Cage by Caprice Hokstad
  • Spellbound by Samantha Combs — WINNER
  • Stormrider by Peggy Bechko

Speculative Fiction — Paranormal

  • Being by Tamara Mousner
  • Chasing Amanda by Melissa Foster — WINNER

Speculative Fiction — Sci-Fi

  • State of Mind by Sven Michael Davison
  • The Immortality Virus by Christine Amsden — WINNER
  • The Last Protector by Daniel C. Starr


  • A Kindred Spirit by e j “jami”  Morgan — WINNER
  • The ABC Field Guide to Faeries by Susanne Alexander-Heaton

Teen Literature — Fiction

  • Ashlyn’s Radio by Wilson Doherty
  • Caves, Cannons, and Crinolines by Beverly Stowe McClure
  • Inner City by Scott Norton Laney (The Brookehaven Vampires) by Joann I. Martin Sowles
  • Narwhal by Margaret Gill — WINNER
  • Soda Springs by Terry Marshall


  • Riders on the Road: How to Laugh More and Rage Less with The Rider Method by Patricia Rider
  • Bermon Pleasure Island: You’ve Found Paradise, Now What? A Modern Fable on How to Keep Your Dreams Alive by Brandon Royal
  • Grandma Wears Hiking Boots: A Personal Guide to the Okanagan Valley by Laurie Carter
  • Kenn Bennett’s Secrets to Enjoying Yosemite Valley by Kenn Bennett — WINNER

True Crime — Non-Fiction

  • Badge 149 — “Shots Fired!” by Gary P. Jones — WINNER
  • Exoneration: The Trial of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg and Morton Sobell — Prosecutorial Deceptions, Suborned perjuries, Anti-Semitism, and Precedent for Today’s Unconstitutional Trials by Emily and David Alman

Western — Fiction

  • The Snake Den by Chuck Tyrell — WINNER
  • Vulture Gold by Chuck Tyrell

Women’s Studies — Non-Fiction

  • 1,001 Real-Life Questions for Women by Laura Orsini — WINNER
  • The Busy Woman’s Pocket Guide to Safety: Safety Tips for Women on the Go by Carla M. Thompson
  • When You Need a Timeout by Barbara Mitchell DCH

Writing/Publishing — Non-Fiction

  • Putting Your Best Book Forward by Ellen Reid
  • The Rewritten Word: How to Sculpt Literary Art No Matter the Genre by Aggie Villanueva — WINNER

33 Responses to Finalists for 2011 Global eBook Awards

  1. I’m so honored to be chosen as a finalist (The Rewritten Word, category Writing/Publishing). And a huge congratulations to all my friends and every writer also chosen. Good luck everyone!

  2. Congratulations to all the finalists. :)

  3. CONGRADS to all the finalist!!

    Joe, is it possible to get feedback from the judges? Thanks.

    • Joseph Dowdy says:

      In cases where the judge wants to be anonymous, no. However, I think what we will do is we will ask the judges who want to provide feedback to entrants to go ahead and do so directly via your email address. We are encouraging them to put their remarks on the site here and on Amazon, but we told them to wait until after the awards ceremony.

      • Would it be possible to get the raw scores for books that did not final? This will not break the anonymity of any judges, but I admit to being curious what I scored. :)

        • Joseph Dowdy says:

          The judges did not have consistent scores across the board. For example some judges gave a score (out of a possible 1050) of 750 and declared it a finalist while other judges gave a score of over 900 and did not declare it a finalist. I’ve been trying to figure out how to best make this transparent so that it makes sense visually, but I don’t know how. Can we address this AFTER the ceremony?

          • Rene W Chang says:


            Maybe there should be a range of scores before books can be considered wihin the finalist class.

            It is not beyond the wit of man to devise score classes:

            0-450 nominated
            456-900 Finalist
            Then the book or author with the highest score becomes the winner.
            With the score sheet, the higest score is 10 with 15 cateories making it 150 max. I don’t know how you got 1050 as the maximum possible score though.
            Even then, score for different classes can still apply;
            0-45 – nominated
            46-90 finalists

            Highest score – Winner.
            Something along those lines should work. The cut offs are arbitary unless we do an analysis of the scores given to each category. That however means w=quite a bit of wor. the reward IS A SEMBLANCE OF OBJECTIVITY.

      • Gil, thank you for asking. The judges feedback would be greatly appreciated!

  4. Pretty exciting to see the title of the book I wrote, Choose Gratitude Not Attitude Even When Sh*t Hits the Fan on the finalist page. I am grateful for learning about the contest and have such gratitude for Joseph and his team. I will take advantage of all the resources this site shares to help me help more people. Thank you!

  5. Thanks very much to the judges for naming “Pilate’s Cross” (and therefore artist David A. Terrill) a finalist in the Best Ebook Cover category. I invite readers to also check out our nominated book trailer–and of course the book itself. The next book in this mystery thriller series will be out this fall.

  6. […] I’m excited that Help! What Do I Do Now? Caring for Your Loved One with Alzheimer’s is a finalist in the Parenting/Family – Non-Fiction category of the Global eBook Awards. […]

  7. […] finalists in the Global eBook Awards have been announced. Books by several of my clients were nominated for awards, as was my novel […]

  8. Congrats to all the winners. To the rest, understand that there were a lot of competitors and amid such a group, the competition for such a few top spots would be keen. If you weren’t a ‘winner’ you are not a loser.
    We write first for ourselves, then for publication, competition, recognition, sales, etc.
    Moliere said, (freely translated): “At first we write for our selves, then for friends, and then for money–it’s like prostitution.”

  9. In the ‘Historical Fiction — Contemporary’ category I wish my other two finalists, Aaron Paul Lazar and John D Swisher, the best of luck. May the best man win. – Nicholas Anderson

  10. Irene Kendig says:

    Grateful Press is proud to announce that Conversations with Jerry and Other People I Thought Were Dead is a finalist in the Global eBook Awards. This is the sixth award for this life-changing book. We are grateful for this honor, as it will allow the book’s powerful message to reach so many more readers

  11. Congratulations to all the finalists! Looks like some interesting books.

  12. While I see that my book is properly listed here under finalist (THANK YOU!), when I go to the Sci-fi / Fantasy / Paranormal Fiction link from the main page, I cannot find my book’s entry. I did it on April 12 and the direct URL I have still works: I see ten voters found it, but only because I gave them a direct URL. Is there something else I need to do to get my book listed in the proper category so people can find it?

    • Joseph Dowdy says:

      No, the voters is specifically up to you to increase in terms of numbers. We hope that you will share the site with others and this will help you to know how effective your sharing techniques are.

  13. I am honored that my eBook, Risking Everything: Coming Out in Coffee Land has been named a finalist. Thank you, judges (and yes, I would love feedback). I wish that I lived close enough to be at the Awards Ceremony–but the cloud forest of Panama is quite a long ways from Santa Barbara, in time, distance, and mind set. Best of luck to all and I hope it is a rolicking good time!

  14. Congratulations to all!

    And thanks to the sponsors and judges who made it possible for Riders on the Road: How to Laugh More and Rage Less with The Rider Method to qualify as a finalist. Wish I were in California to congratulate you all personally. Maybe next year!

  15. jami morgan says:

    I’m thrilled to be a finalist for Spiritual/Metaphysical “A Kindred Spirit” and very sorry not to be attending the awards/dinner tonight. My vacation plans were made a couple of months ago for September and I just couldn’t swing an extra trip for August. To those attending, have a BLAST… break a pencil (better than a leg 😉 and I hope the awards page is the webcast tonight. I’m counting on it!! See you virtually! *** jami

    PS — Hey, Joseph, next year how about Skype for winners? (or too many?) 60 winners? wow!!

  16. Congratulations to all the finalists!!

    I am so honored that my e-book “SLEEP – THE ULTIMATE SECRET TO AGELESS ACHIEVEMENT” has been named as a finalist. I truly hope that I’ve been able to make a difference by creating an awarness of the importance of eliminating sleep deprivation. It’s so destructive to our lives.

    Thank you judges for your support. I welcome any feedback you will share with me.

    Dan, a “Thank You” seems so insufficient, but I do thank you so much for making this exciting and rewarding event possible. You’re the greatest!!!

    Another very big “Thank You” to you, Joseph, for all you kindness, patience and support in helping through the steps I needed to take to get my entry finished. You ran this overwhelming operation with such precision, and responsiveness.

    Thank you all!!

  17. Congratulations to all of the 2011 GeBA finalists! Ageless Internet – Internet BASICS for Boomers and Seniors is honored to join this group. I’m extremely grateful for Dan Poynter, Joseph Dowdy and all of the people who worked behind the scenes from the start. I’m also very appreciative of those who stepped up to assist when the sheer volume of nominees exceeded expectations. Best wishes to everyone that their eBook is read, enhancing the life of their target audience.

    • Joseph Dowdy says:

      Thank you, Terry. The judges who stepped up are unsung heroes. They have nothing but my deepest appreciation for the work they did to make this possible.

  18. Deb Childs says:

    September 11, 2011 marks four years of life without William. I surprised myself when I promised to write a book about him as he lay dying in a coma. I think he would be happy that his story may help others live longer. Thanks to Joseph Dowdy and our writer’s group on LinkedIn, I found Dan Poynter’s writing contest. I am honored to be named a finalist for A Dose of Reality: Losing William to the Big Business of Cancer in America. Congratulations to all the finalists….and perhaps the winners, by now!

  19. TPC Books is honored to have our first two published books (Sellout by James W. Lewis and When Love Isn’t Enough by Stephanie Casher) nominated in the multicultural fiction category!

  20. […] 2011 TPC Books WHEN LOVE ISN’T ENOUGH and SELLOUT placed as Finalists in Dan Poynter’s Global Ebook Awards (Multicultural Fiction)! Not only that, TPC partner and editor-extraordinaire Stephanie Casher […]

  21. […]  For a full list of finalists and winners go to:    Global eBook Finalists      Share and […]

  22. […] LOVE ISN’T ENOUGH, has received it’s first official accolade! I placed as a finalist in Dan Poynter’s Global eBook Awards in the category of Multicultural […]

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