2012 Global Ebook Awards Finalists

Note:  The number of Finalists per category varies. Categories with more Nominees have more Finalists. The quantity of finalists are percentages of the number of Nominees per category.

“Best Of” Categories


Best Ebook Cover

Best Ebook Trailer

Best Illustration in Children Fiction

Best Illustration in Non-Fiction

Best Multimedia in an Ebook (Audio/Video/Internet/App/iPad)


Specialty Categories


Christian Children’s Picture Book

Christian Ebook


Fiction Categories


Children Literature Fiction

Children Picture Books Fiction

Erotic Literature Fiction

Gay/Lesbian/LGBT Fiction

Graphic Novel Fiction

Historical Literature Fiction – Ancient (set before 500 AD)

Historical Literature Fiction – Contemporary (set 1940-NOW)

Historical Literature Fiction – Medieval (set 500-1500 AD)

Historical Literature Fiction – Modern (set 1500-1940 AD)

Horror Fiction

Humor/Comedy Fiction

Inspirational/Visionary Fiction

Multicultural Literature Fiction

Mystery Fiction

Popular Literature Fiction

Pre-Teen Literature Fiction

Religion/Faith Fiction

Romance Fiction – Contemporary

Romance Fiction – Historical

Short Stories/Essays Fiction

Speculative Fiction – Classic Fantasy (set before 1940)

Speculative Fiction – Contemporary Fantasy (set after 1940)

Speculative Fiction – Paranormal

Speculative Fiction – Science Fiction

Spiritual/Metaphysical Fiction

Suspense Fiction

Teen Literature Fiction

Thriller Fiction

Travel/Essay Fiction

Western Fiction


Non-Fiction Categories


Action/Adventure Non-Fiction

Advertising/Marketing/Sales Non-Fiction

Animals/Pets Non-Fiction

Anthology Non-Fiction

Art/Graphics Non-Fiction

Autobiography/Memoirs Non-Fiction

Aviation Non-Fiction

Biography Non-Fiction

Business Non-Fiction

Careers/Employment Non-Fiction

Communications Non-Fiction

Cookbooks Non-Fiction

Current Events/Politics/Foreign Affairs Non-Fiction

Death/Dying (Thanatology) Non-Fiction

Diet/Nutrition Non-Fiction

Education Non-Fiction

Entertainment and Performing Arts (Music/Dance/Film) Non-Fiction

Environment/Green Non-Fiction

Finance/Investment/Wealth Non-Fiction

Gay/Lesbian/LGBT Non-Fiction

Genealogy/Heritage/Ancestry Non-Fiction

Health, Fitness and Beauty Non-Fiction

History Non-Fiction

Home and Garden Non-Fiction

Inspirational/Visionary Non-Fiction

Leadership Non-Fiction

Medicine/Healthcare Non-Fiction

Men’s Issues Non-Fiction

Military Non-Fiction

Multicultural Non-Fiction

New Age Non-Fiction

Parenting/Family Non-Fiction

Popular Culture Non-Fiction

Professional/Technical Non-Fiction

Psychology/Mental Health Non-Fiction

Reference Non-Fiction

Relationships/Sexuality Non-Fiction

Religion/Faith Non-Fiction

Science Non-Fiction

Self-Help Non-Fiction

Seniors Non-Fiction

Spiritual/Metaphysical Non-Fiction

Sports/Fitness/Recreation Non-Fiction

Technology/Engineering Non-Fiction

Teen Literature Non-Fiction

Travel/Guidebook Non-Fiction

True Crime Non-Fiction

Writing/Publishing Non-Fiction


40 Responses to 2012 Global Ebook Awards Finalists

  1. Cherry-Ann says:

    Congratulations to all finalists. I share your excitement and good luck for the finals.

  2. First of all, congratulations to all of the nominees with a little extra “nicely done” to all of the other finalists. I would love to get feedback from,or have a conversation with, the reviewer who reviewed my book. Good luck to all.

  3. Karen Cioffi says:

    Congratulations to the finalists!!!

  4. Very cool to be a Finalist! Thank you!

  5. Congratulation to every finalist in all the categories. I’m so hyped that my trailer places as a finalist. I know you all are as excited as I am.

  6. It is a great honor to have Mystic Witness: Healing Ourselves and the Earth Through Active Mysticism selected as a finalist in the Global eBook awards in the Spiritual/Metaphysical Non-Fiction category. I’m very excitied that the ancient mystical teachings illuminated by Mystic Witness have been acknowledged. Congatulations to all the other finalists on their great achievements!

  7. […] Outdoor Moments – Snafu’s That Sportsmen Don’t Like to Talk About by Byron Graham OK! We are excited. After all the hard work, this comes as a nice surprise. Four books “made the cut.”  Winners will be announced at the Global Ebook Awards ceremony and dinner in Santa Barbara on August 18, 2012 and will be posted on this site on August 20, 2012! For more information and the full list, CLICK HERE! […]

  8. Wonderful news, Finalists!! Well done accomplishment!
    I’m planning on joining you next year.

    p.s. Your win is an incentive for the rest of us.

  9. […] highway mystery series, has been selected by judges as a finalist in the mystery category of the 2012 Global Ebook Awards.  The winners will be announced at a gala awards ceremony at the University Club in Santa Barbara, […]

  10. […] pointy head – we found out this morning that her first novel, “Takers,” is a finalist in the 2012 Global Ebook Awards. Whoo […]

  11. Rosalie Kahn says:

    This is an awesome honor. Thank you so much. Congratulations to all of the finalists.

    Rosalie B. Kahn, My Healing Heart, Algarrobo, Chile

  12. Diwanna Zapalac says:

    So happy to see Douglas Peterson nominated for his wonderful inspirations!!

  13. WOW it great to be a finalist. Congratulations to all of the finalists.

  14. I’m honored to have my novel, “SwanSong,” among the finalists for Classic Fantasy. Congratulations to my fellow finalists!

  15. Lee Jackson says:

    Congratulations, Amy, on your “Kids Cooking and Learning!” Great content.

  16. I am absolutely thrilled to be included as a finalist. Wow, so exciting! Congratulations to all the other finalists as well. Thank you so much to all the reviewers and the Global Ebooks team.

  17. Very glad to be a finalist! Good luck to all finalists!

  18. We are so honored to have our memoir “Walking for Peace, an inner journey” appear as a Finalist in two categories (Adventure and New Age). We couldn’t be more thrilled. Our sincerest thanks to the judges, and best wishes to all authors.

    – Mony and Alberto

  19. […] Book Trade: 2012 Global Ebook Awards finalists (USA) The finalists for the 2012 Global Ebook Awards have been announced. Winners will be announced at the Global Ebook Awards ceremony and dinner in […]

  20. J. R. Maxon says:

    A very warm THANK YOU to Dan Poynter, Becky Carbone, and to all the behind-the-scenes Reviewers and Judges. Being a Global EBooks Awards Finalist makes me proud to be an author. Congratulations to all the other Finalists and I’ll see you in CA.

  21. It is with deep gratitude, that I accept this nomination on behalf of my beloved late wife, Jenny McGill. Of coarse, being very partial, I always thought that she was a great storyteller. This is, to me, a sure confirmation , of that opinion. Thank you

    Howard McGill

  22. Thanks to Global EBook Awards and all the wonderful hard-working judges :) I am thrilled and honored that my Arthurian novel, THE DRAGON’S HARP, has become a Finalist in the Ancient Historical Fiction Catagory :) Merlin is very proud! Special thanks also to my readers, fans, & to the wonderful team who helped with art, formatting, & editing. Kudos to my fellow Finalists & to all my fellow authors who entered.

  23. Thrilled to be a finalist! Thanks for running a great contest, Dan and co.

  24. Congratulations to all of the 2012 eBook Awards finalists! You were and are up against some tough competition this year. As a judge, I enjoyed reading your books. As a writer, I loved looking over your layouts and illustrations. I’ll be watching to see who takes the final prizes. Again, congratulations to the finalists, you have all written very strong books.

  25. […] My book, Kilimanjaro: One Man’s Quest to Go Over the Hill, is a finalist for the 2012 Global Ebook Award in the Inspirational/Visionary – Non-Fiction category. The book is a memoir that chronicles […]

  26. Rene Chang says:

    Congratulations to Linda Gromko and Janice Louise Long for becoming finalists with your books on Dialysis and Dying the Right Way, respectively. I enjoyed both books immensely. I am glad that the two books are in different categories as I hope that both of you will be winners.
    I have recommended the book on Home Dialysis to my patients and the Dying the Right Way is a most timely book, both areas that I have been involved in my medical career.

  27. […] TA DA!  My second novel, Ice on the Grapevine, has been selected by the judges as a finalist for a 2012 Global Ebook Award in the mystery category.  Win or no win, I’ll be there in Santa Barbara on August 18th to […]

  28. […] 2012 Global Ebook Awards – Finalist in Children Literature Fiction – “Lexie World” by Kimberly Kinrade […]

  29. I’m thrilled to find my second book, Del Mediterráneo al Plata is a finalist in the Global eBook Awards under Genealogy/Heritage/Ancestry Non-Fiction! It is written in Spanish, and is the story of the migration of my ancestors from Italy and Spain to Argentina, thoroughly based on the memories and notes left by my parents and relatives. I’m truly delighted.Thank you to all working in the nominations at the eBook Awards.

    ¡Me siento muy orgullosa porque mi segundo libro, Del Mediterráneo al Plata ha sido nominado finalista en el Global eBook Awards bajo el rubro Genealogy/Heritage/Ancestry Non-Fiction! Está escrito en español y es la historia de la inmigración de mis antepasados desde Italia y España a la Argentina y basado fiemente en las memorias y notas que dejaron mis padres y familiares. Estoy realmente contenta. Gracias a todos los miembros de los eBook Awards quienes trabajaron en la nominación.

    • Claudia M. Gallegos says:

      In her second novel Del Mediterraneo al Plata published in Spanish, Isabel García Cintas invites us to temporarily reside in the skin of our ancestors and live their experiences of those courageous people who left their country in search of better fortune.
      Each character becomes a dear friend, with whom we will live adventures and miss ventures and they will be our companions for a while, until their lives cross roads.
      Even when it is not my story, nor the one of your grand parents, but it is the common story of European migrants who at the end of the 19th century and beginning of 20th left their land in search (perhaps) of a better life in the Americas. In this case, they travel to South America, and decide to stay in Argentina. However it could have been any other country.
      Isabel did a very thorough historical research and has a delightful writing.
      This book is her second, the Patagonia affair is the first and she is working on two others.

      En su segunda novela, Del Mediterráneo al Plata, Isabel García Cintas nos lleva en un viaje inesperado: meternos en la piel de nuestros antepasados y vivir las experiencias de quienes dejaron sus tierras en busca de mejor fortuna.
      Cada uno de los personajes se convierte en un amigo querido, con quien viviremos alegrías y peripecias y quienes nos acompañaran por largo rato, hasta que sus vidas al fin, se cruzaran.
      Aunque no es mi historia, ni la de tus abuelos, es la historia en común de todo inmigrante europeo que a fines del siglo XIX y principios del XX, decidió dejar su terruño y salir a la aventura de una vida -tal vez mejor- en las Americas. En este libro, van a America del Sur y se instalan en Argentina. Pero bien podria ser cualquier otro pais.
      Con excelente investigación histórica, Isabel nos deleita con un relato ameno, lleno de alternativas, muy bien escrito.
      Además de Del Mediterraneo al Plata – Historias de Familia (Spanish Edition), Isabel ha publicado Incidente en la Patagonia (Spanish Edition) también en venta en Amazon.

  30. Madeleine de Cubas says:

    I congratulate all the finalists and specially my friend Isabel Garcia Cintas. Your book, Isabel, “Del Mediterráneo al Plata” has an impeccable and passioned narrative that I have no doubt will put you among the winners. Great piece of literature.

  31. Haydee Zayas says:

    I am a writer and a workshops facilitator. I’ve created one called “Escribe tus vivencias” in which participants get the basic knowledge on how to write about their heritage and ancestors. I started using Isabel Garcia-Cintas’ book as a reference. The book captures you from the very beginning…
    I love to see participants faces when I read the very first paragraph:

    “… después de vicisitudes novelescas ambos llegaron a ser mis bisabuelos maternos.”

    Congrats to Isabel!! Her book is an example on how to write about your heritage with excellent narrative skills and make it so interesting to read!

  32. […] novel in the Hunter Rayne highway mystery series, was  selected by judges as a finalist for the 2012 Global Ebook Award in Mystery Fiction.  It is one of five mystery novels shortlisted for the award from the original […]

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