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    Ties That Bind (Celestial Wars Saga – Book 1)

    November 9th, 2018

    Some men deserve a second chance. Others don’t.

    Lord Avis, the once proud supreme god of Mystal, was under no delusion as to which category he once fitted into, but that was in the past. Three years on the run and two years of horrendous torture at the hands and claws of his wife’s Highborn Hellion family has left scars on the Mystallian ruler that he will never forget. The had broken him for his crimes against their house, but somehow he had to dig deep to find the strength to be something he’d never been before.

    A family man.

    He has to pull it together. He has a wife and two daughters who need him, and he isn’t about to let them down again. However, knowing how much he’s changed and proving it to the men of her family who hate him with every fibre of their being is a challenge he must meet head-on.

    Because he isn’t staying in Hell any longer than he has to.

    He’s going home.

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