Modern rock music meets the Stuart royal court in Midi Berry’s haunting tale of two heroines: one fictional, one real-life; each as besieged as she is loved.

Seventeenth-century teenage heiress, Frances Coke, is forced to marry the manic-depressive brother of the King’s lover, by her father. Sir Edward Coke, the country’s top lawyer, is desperate to save his political skin.

The Duke of Buckingham, already the most powerful man in England, wants Frances’s inheritance for himself, and will stop at nothing to prevent her bearing his elder brother an heir. His machinations to keep the couple apart send Frances into the arms of the younger son of a rival noble house…

Twenty-first-century Sarah James has begun a new life in Southern California after leaving an abusive marriage in England. Her therapy practice is full, she loves her oceanside home, and she is dating an American rock music promoter, Bob Howard.

Sarah’s world turns upside-down when a drink-sodden musician kidnaps and holds her in his remote desert cabin. Is her captor using her as a pawn to coerce Howard into rescuing his failing rock career, or does he have more ancient grievances to settle with Sarah as well as Bob?

Part swashbuckle, part self-discovery, Nights of the Road introduces profound ideas lightly as it shifts between time and place – from hipster L.A. to the ruined ramparts of England’s Corfe Castle. Read it fast for its pyrotechnical plot, or savor slowly as a literary spritzer for the soul.