Meet Cara Youngblood, a different kind of heroine…

All My Love, from The Land of Morning Calm–an even-paced, engaging, and compelling tale of diplomats and crime lords, intrigue and deception, murder and revenge, illicit love and ties that bind–spans two decades, hemispheres, and cultures, and chronicles the adventures of an independent and spirited young American woman who follows her newly wed military husband to a one-year remote assignment at Osan Airbase in South Korea. When the marriage falls apart, as it invariably does when built on the flimsy foundation of romantic daydreams and youthful passion, Cara Youngblood chooses to remain in the country that has captured her heart, determined to rise from the ashes of her flawed decisions, lost opportunities, and failures–to rebuild her life.

AML E-Cover 032215                                                                                                                                                                                                                         RebeccaLee-254-3 ExcellentBW4

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