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Ebooks published in 2014 or newer may be entered in the Global Ebook Awards by their authors, publishers, publicists, illustrators, or other interested parties. Upon completion of your entry order you will be re-directed to the “Add Your Ebook” page.

The ebook must be published and offered for sale online. Entries must cite a URL where the book is listed. That may be the author’s website,, Smashwords, etc.  If you are entering the Best Ebook Cover or Best Ebook Trailer categories, please email either a jpeg of the cover of your ebook or the URL of your trailer (must be on YouTube) to at your earliest convenience.

On receipt, the screening judges will check the entry for completeness and suitability. The judges support the First Amendment but books considered obnoxious by the general public (kiddie porn, etc.) will not be accepted.


Ebooks entered in The Global Ebook Awards must go through an evaluation process in order to be nominated.  Once the ebook meets all of the qualifications for entry into the Global Ebook Awards, an email will be sent to the nominee with a link to the nominee sticker that may be used in promoting their ebook (this process takes about a week).  At this point the weekly six promotional opportunities will begin.


Please email your ebook to in Kindle, PDF, epub, or Doc format and we will make it available to the judges.  If you are providing gifted copies of your ebook through Amazon to be read by the judges on the Kindle please email at least 2 copies (Amazon gifted copies only) to  If your ebook is at Smashwords, please provide a coupon code if your ebook isn’t at please email your ebook in one of the formats listed above.  Please understand there may be some judges that may not be able to read the format you have provided.

It is not required that entrants in the Global Ebook Awards have their ebooks in the Smashword’s system for this contest.  If your ebook is at Smashwords below are the instructions on how to generate a coupon code for the judges.


Smashwords Coupon Code Manager

The Smashwords Manager allows authors to assign coupon codes to books that they can then share with reviewers and judges. Judges can easily retrieve the ebook in the format (PDF, Kindle, ePub, etc.) of their choice. Judges enter the code prior to completing their checkout to receive a 100% discount (free review copy). Make expiration date on coupon August 1,2015.

Once your ebook is posted at Smashwords, go to the book’s page, click on “Generate Coupon,” and copy the code.

With the Smashwords Coupon Manager, the author can provide free copies of the ebook to our judges (or to ebook reviewers to get Amazon reviews). Send the coupon code to other reviewers too.

You can limit the use of the coupon code by setting an expiration date or changing it at any time.  Please set your expiration date to August 1, 2016.

Title Base Price Coupon Code Coupon Price Coupon Created Coupon Starts Coupon Expires Actions
Air Travel Handbook $4.97 BA47X $0.00(~100% off) 11/05/11 Immediately 11/14/11 Generate Coupon


Smashwords gives the author the ability to manage how they share their ebook and will also give us the highest degree of confidence that we will meet the requirements of each and every one of our judges.


Please click on the link  below or copy and paste it into the address bar of your browser to choose your ebook category and enter the contest:


Questions, contact:

Global Ebook Awards, a division of Para Publishing LLC



51 Responses to Instructions for Entering

  1. Jim Prentice says:

    During the past 2 weeks I have published 5 ebooks on smashwords I would like to enter them in the global book awards. The form on this page allows only one book. How can I make multiple entries??
    I am listed and published on Smashwords.
    I have just been approved as a judge.
    Jim Prentice

  2. Hey Dan –
    Thanks for setting up this contest. What about enhanced ebook iPad apps? Do you accept those as entries? If so, how?
    App publishers can generate free codes for your judges, many of whom are likely among the 50 million people who own an iPad.
    thanks, cheers, Bruce

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  4. Rene W Chang says:

    Please can we make the entry page more user friendly.

    Having entered one book, I should like to be able to enter another book without havingto pay another $79.

    Requirements such as smashworddiscount coupons and lter entries should all be easily assesible on the web-page.
    Also, I received an email saying that I have been selected a a judge, but no instrution on how I can be listed or how I could get hold o the ebooks and the discount coupons.

    At present, the web-site is good for promoting Dan Poynter, but not good for potential judnges or entrants.

    Rene Chang

    • DanPoynter says:

      THank you for the feedback.
      We are making clarifying changes to the site every day.

      These instructions will be sent directly to judges as soon as we are able to post more Nominated books.
      Keep checking the categories you want to read. More books are being nominated each day.

      • Rene W Chang says:

        How do I download the judge and nominated stickers?
        How do I get to place the judge stickerand also nominated sticker on to my web- site?

        The instructions should be placed clearly and prominently on your web site.


        • DanPoynter says:


          Thank you for being one of our 252 judges.

          Go to

          and Copy>Paste the Judge Logo.
          With a Mac, right click and Copy Image. As I recall, it is similar on a PC.
          Or, on a Mac, use Grab>Capture>Selection.

          For Stickers, go to

          As it says on that page:
          For the low resolution graphics, either right-click the above image or click one of the links below:

          Low-Resolution Finalist Sticker

          Low-Resolution Winner Sticker

          If you want a free higher resolution sticker graphic for printing or for your ebook graphic designer, write to us at Submissions at

          To place the images on your website, you will have to discuss this with your webmaster/the person who set up your site.

  5. I am not sure if my books can be entered. I write short humor stories with twenty of them in a book – the word total is from 12 to 14 thousand words. Are they too short to enter? I have them on Smashwords and Amazon both.
    Thanks, I would love to enter if I am allowed to.
    Margaret Radisich Sleasman

    • DanPoynter says:

      Short stories may be entered individually or in a collection–as long as they are in the same book.
      Your issue seems to be that your stories are in a single book but you are selling them individually at Smashwords.
      SO, enter the collection of stories but supply a Smashwords Coupon Code for each story.

  6. […] The awards offer plenty of categories for writers and publishers of fiction and non-fiction eBook titles and offer a great way to promote your book. Judges who are bloggers and reviewers are also encouraged to review the books they read on Amazon, B&, Midwest Book Review and other review periodicals – so this is a genuine opportunity to get valuable feedback on your books. And, if the reviews are good, you’ll get the ‘social proof’ you need to convert eBook browsers to buyers and increase your sales. You still have time to enter your eBook – the deadline for submissions is 12 March. You can read more about how to enter on the Global eBook Awards website. […]

  7. Charles Utley says:

    This looks interesting, but something of a gamble. If I have understood the system correctly, one is required to pay the company $79 first. Next, one will be directed to a page which will allow one to enter one’s book. Then, within about a week, the company will decide whether to “nominate” the book. If it is nominated, all is fine. But, if it is not nominated (and no indication is given as to one’s prospects of being nominated), the $79 will have been paid for nothing at all. It all strikes me as being a little risky, but I wish those who are prepared to take the risk the best of luck.


    • DanPoynter says:


      If your application does not qualify initially, we will work with you to improve the application. If the book still does not qualify, we will refund your application fee.

      We want all Nominated books to meet certain minimums for availability, cover, description, etc.

  8. Poh Tiong Ho says:

    I am interested to participate with the $79.00. Please tell me as I am new to ebook, whether you will provide free facility for me to convert my book to the ebook version? At the moment I am marketing my book via
    But this ebook was converted from my soft copy using the free converter from

  9. Becky says:

    We have a non fiction gardening book. Titled Knowledge to Grow Shaped Trees. We have it copy protected. We have two versions of protection, an online version which means any thing that can open a browser can read it and an exe file for P,C for downloading.

    I would have to give each judge willing to review our book a license key. Please have a look at our sale page, we have extracts from the book there. Please let me know if this is possible to submit.


    • Becky says:


      Yes your book can be submitted. It would be best to give the license key to me and then I will give it to the judge who is reviewing your book. We are having at least 5 judges reviewing each book entered. If you have more questions, please feel free to email me directly at Many thanks.

  10. Colleen Wait says:

    My book, “Black Purple Sky” was accepted last week in the Fiction category, however, I do not see it listed. Is there a lag or am i looking in the wrong place?

    • Becky says:

      You entered your book on 3/9/12, generally as it states under the nominees tab it takes about a week for all of the books to go through the evaluation process and then to be posted on the website. Sometimes the books can be posted faster, it just depends on how many need to be gone through and how backed up we are.

  11. Cherry-Ann says:


    I have a print and ‘e’ version of the same book. Can I still enter the Awards?

  12. What’s the application procedure for entering the global ebook contest if I can’t use Smashwords? I’m locked into a 90 day exclusive contract with Kindle Select so I can’t use Smashwords until after the application period expires.

    • Becky says:

      I also answered he email you sent directly to me but wanted to answer you here as well. It is not required that your book be on Smashwords, we just need a copy of your book to forward to the judges since they are not going to be able to get it from Smashwords. So if you can email me either a PDF, epub or Kindle file of your book that will be just fine.

  13. Jim Gilliam says:

    Hi Becky,

    I just entered your Global eBook contest. Order ID: 194017450. The book: POINT DECEPTION is available on Smashwords for the judges.

  14. Marieta Louw says:

    I have completed two of a trilogy of three books in e-book (and print) format. Do you recommend that I complete the trilogy and then submit it by 2013 or should I enter the first two books for assessment so long?
    thnk you for you effort to reply and cc my email add

  15. Lisa Barry says:

    I have a short story in a collection which is published on amazon for kindle. Would I be able to enter it? (Anthology) Thanks!

  16. Carol says:

    I’d like to find out if you have a category for ebooks that are reading adventures featuring interactive learning activities and games? I’m not sure that best multimedia in an ebook (audio/video/internet) is appropriate. Many thanks

    • Becky says:

      No, that is the only category that we have for that kind of thing. We have a few entries that sound very similar to yours (as far as being interactive learning games for kids).

  17. Sue Johnston says:

    Two questions:
    1) My ebook, ‘Talk To Me: Workplace Conversations That Work,’ is about face-to-face communication. Although there is a fictional story that runs through it to bring the points to life, its purpose is more to inform/instruct than entertain. Would such a book be eligible in the non-fiction categories?

    2) My ebook is available at Leanpub, where I can create coupoons for free downloads for judges in all formats. Is the issue that it be free or that it be Smashwords?

    Thanks so much.

    • Becky says:

      Yes, it sounds like your ebook could be in a non-fiction category since the fictional story is just to bring the points across to the reader. You ebook does not have to be on Smashwords, the issue is that the judges need to be able to get a copy of your ebook to judge for free. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  18. Marc Miller says:

    I submitted my book Repurpose Your Career – A Practical Guide for Baby Boomers

    From reading the comments, I will hear back whether the book was accepted and therefore “nominated”. Will I get a “nominated” sticker to place on my website?

    • Becky says:

      Yes, when your ebook has been accepted into nomination you will receive an email with links to sticker files of the “nominated” sticker. You can post the sticker on your website, on your ebook and use it in any other promotional material for your ebook.

  19. Question says:

    It mentions amazon gift copies. How many gift copies per entered book?

  20. I don’t know if it’s my eyes or my brain, but what is the deadline for entering the 2014 contest? I would like to know without going through the application process, if that is where it is published.

  21. Hi,
    My eBook is for sale on iBooks.
    Can I provide 2-3 coupon codes from there?
    I’m sure there will be judges with iDevices.


  22. Becky please, how do I ‘gift’ copies of my book to you from Aazon..really want to enter this contest..and so little time it too late? Regards, Barbara.

    • Becky says:

      Hi Barbara, It is very easy really. You just purchase 2-3 (3 is best) of your ebooks (from Amazon) and then have them emailed to me at and I will then forward them to the judge that will be judging your ebook. No, it is not too late. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Best, Becky

  23. Hi Becky,

    My book is going to be released on March 17th. Should I wait until it is officially released to enter? It’s already up on Amazon as pre-order.

    • Becky says:

      Sorry, I have been out of the office. I see that by now the book is up so it is a moot point, but just so you know as long as it is available for pre order at Amazon that would’ve been fine.

  24. Chigozie says:

    My book is available in both print and e-book format and was published online in Feb 2015. Is it eligible for consideration? It is a collection of three short stories. Does the entry fee cover the three short stories in the book or do I have to pay for each?


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