2012 Global Ebook Awards Winners

Note:  In some categories two ebooks tied for winner due to the sum of their scores from the judges being identical.

“Best Of” Categories


Best eBook Cover

Best eBook Trailer

Best Illustration in Children Fiction

Best Illustration in Non-Fiction

Best Multimedia in an eBook (Audio/Video/Internet/App/iPad)


Specialty Categories


Christian Children’s Picture Book

Christian eBook


Fiction Categories


Children Literature Fiction

Children Picture Books Fiction

Erotic Literature Fiction

Gay/Lesbian/LGBT Fiction

Graphic Novel Fiction

Historical Literature Fiction – Ancient (set before 500 AD)

Historical Literature Fiction – Contemporary (set 1940-NOW)

Historical Literature Fiction – Medieval (set 500-1500 AD)

Historical Literature Fiction – Modern (set 1500-1940 AD)

Horror Fiction

Humor/Comedy Fiction

Inspirational/Visionary Fiction

Multicultural Literature Fiction

Mystery Fiction

Popular Literature Fiction

Pre-Teen Literature Fiction

Religion/Faith Fiction

Romance Fiction – Contemporary

Romance Fiction – Historical

Short Stories/Essays Fiction

Speculative Fiction – Classic Fantasy (set before 1940)

Speculative Fiction – Contemporary Fantasy (set after 1940)

Speculative Fiction – Paranormal

Speculative Fiction – Science Fiction

Spiritual/Metaphysical Fiction

Suspense Fiction

Teen Literature Fiction

Thriller Fiction

Travel/Essay Fiction

Western Fiction


Non-Fiction Categories


Action/Adventure Non-Fiction

Advertising/Marketing/Sales Non-Fiction

Animals/Pets Non-Fiction

Anthology Non-Fiction

Art/Graphics Non-Fiction

Autobiography/Memoirs Non-Fiction

Aviation Non-Fiction

Biography Non-Fiction

Business Non-Fiction

Careers/Employment Non-Fiction

Communications Non-Fiction

Cookbooks Non-Fiction

Current Events/Politics/Foreign Affairs Non-Fiction

Death/Dying (Thanatology) Non-Fiction

Diet/Nutrition Non-Fiction

Education Non-Fiction

Entertainment and Performing Arts (Music/Dance/Film) Non-Fiction

Environment/Green Non-Fiction

Finance/Investment/Wealth Non-Fiction

Gay/Lesbian/LGBT Non-Fiction

Genealogy/Heritage/Ancestry Non-Fiction

Health, Fitness and Beauty Non-Fiction

History Non-Fiction

Home and Garden Non-Fiction

Inspirational/Visionary Non-Fiction

Leadership Non-Fiction

Medicine/Healthcare Non-Fiction

Men’s Issues Non-Fiction

Military Non-Fiction

Multicultural Non-Fiction

New Age Non-Fiction

Parenting/Family Non-Fiction

Popular Culture Non-Fiction

Professional/Technical Non-Fiction

Psychology/Mental Health Non-Fiction

Reference Non-Fiction

Relationships/Sexuality Non-Fiction

Religion/Faith Non-Fiction

Science Non-Fiction

Self-Help Non-Fiction

Seniors Non-Fiction

Spiritual/Metaphysical Non-Fiction

Sports/Fitness/Recreation Non-Fiction

Technology/Engineering Non-Fiction

Teen Literature Non-Fiction

Travel/Guidebook Non-Fiction

True Crime Non-Fiction

Writing/Publishing Non-Fiction


22 Responses to 2012 Global Ebook Awards Winners

  1. What a thrilling evening. I was so very disappointed that I could not be in Santa Barbara at your beautiful gala but watching the simulcast … and seeing Maria’s Duck Tales: Wildlife Stories From My Garden named “winner” in the Animals/Pets category… was almost as exciting as being there. Thank you Dan for this marvelous opportunity!!!

  2. I was so disappointed to miss not only a special evening in Santa Barbara but I was also unable to join the simulcast.

    But the morning brought a thrilling surprise that my novel “Singing Her Alive” tied for the Win the the Gay/Lesbian/LGBT with “The Indelible Heart” by Marianne K. Martin !

    Thank you to everyone at the Dan Poynters Global eBook Awards who work to support indie authors.

    Congratulations to the Winners! Contratulations to the Finalists and Congratulations to all who were Nominated! It can be a long and lonely road to writing and publishing your own book and it is a wonderful accomplishment.

  3. […] add to the list: Winner, Religion/Faith Fiction: 2012 Global Ebook Awards. The award winners were recently announced at the Global Ebook Awards official website, which is owned by self-publishing expert Dan […]

  4. […] To read more about the Global Ebook Awards and how to enter for next year go here: http://globalebookawards.com/2012-global-ebook-awards-winners/ […]

  5. I am thrilled & delighted that my Arthurian novel, THE DRAGON’s HARP, has been chosen as the 2012 Global Ebook WINNER in the Ancient Historical Fiction Category. Sorry as I am to not have been there to share the moment with all of you, I’d like to especially thank Mr. Poynter, Becky Carbone, & Barbara Rain–and all the wonderful hard-working judges for taking the time to make this such a fantastic event–and for offering your gracious expertise to support writers. Kudos also to my fellow nominees & finalists–I know I was up against some tough competition & am deeply honored to have been chosen.
    Appreciation also to my awesome formatter, Signe Nichols of Firebird Media, my editor, Tara Fort, my website & book cover designers, Andrew Adelman & Marilyn Hager Adelman, & “Harp’s”” cover artist, Jo Jayson. Most especially, thank you to “DRAGON HARP’S” wonderful community of readers & fans–I couldn’t ask more wonderful readers :) Get ready for the sequel, coming next year :) THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!

  6. Chris Wesley says:

    A very special thanks to the judges for awarding my book Regret in Triptych as the 2012 Global Ebook Awards WINNER in the Short Story/Essays Fiction category. Unfortunately, I was unable to make it to Santa Barbara or join the simulcast. I would have loved to have been a part of it in person.

    Also a huge thanks to Kay Martin and Arita Rice for their helpful advice after reading the first draft. My patient wife, Pat Wesley who has always been unwavering in support, even when tolerating my need to write down what was in my head before it got away–regardless of the time of night.

    A huge congratulations to the other winners!

    Last and most importantly, thanks to Dan Poynter and everyone else who helped make this contest and event happen. It was an honor to be a part of it.

  7. […] I Became A Pirate, an award-winning interactive book app for the iPad, was named this year’s Best Multimedia In An eBook at Dan Poynter’s Global eBook […]

  8. […] category – “Speculative Fiction – Contemporary Fantasy (set after 1940)” – in the 2012 Global Ebooks Awards. The ceremony was held in Santa Barbara, California on Saturday night. Congratulations, Chris, and […]

  9. […] – “Speculative Fiction – Contemporary Fantasy (set after 1940)” – in the 2012 Global Ebooks Awards. The ceremony was held in Santa Barbara, California on Saturday night. Congratulations, Chris, and […]

  10. What a great surprise I had Sunday morning when I checked my email and discovered that my ebook “Postcards From Home” was chosen as the winner in the Humor category of the 2012 Global eBook Awards! Thanks so much to Dan, Becky, and of course the judges who spent their valuable time reading through the entries to choose a winner. I’ve added the ‘Winner’ sticker to my book cover and updated my book’s blurb to announce this news to the world! Thanks again, and I wish much success to all the authors out there who have moved to the new world of ebooks!

  11. […] Smashwords Leave a comment Announcement: “Postcards From Home“ was chosen as the WINNER in the 2012 Global eBook Awards Humor/Comedy Fiction category at the awards ceremony last Saturday, […]

  12. […] my latest book–Own Your Niche–was honored as Best Business Book of the Year via the Global Ebook Awards–hooray! It all started when I began promoting the Global Ebook Awards via social media and my […]

  13. […] 2012 Global Ebook Award Winners Announced PicPocket Books is proud to announce that two of their ebooks have won awards: Celtic Run in the Children’s Literature category and The Scoop on Good Grammar in the Education category. In addition, Penelope the Purple Pirate by Melissa Northway won in the Children’s Picture Books category. See the full list of winners. […]

  14. Julia says:

    Congratulations to all of you!

  15. […] Field and Promote Your Service-Based Business, was awarded as Best Business Book of the Year at the Global Ebook Awards ceremony this past weekend. Over 200 attendees enjoyed an excellent presentation and dinner at the […]

  16. Congratulations to all of the winners. Great job. How do we get access to the reviews of our books as entered?

  17. […] Indie Book Award’s ceremony. I picked up 2 International Book awards in July, and a global eBook Award in […]

  18. […] WINNER! 2012 Global eBook Awards for Best Multimedia! […]

  19. […] this new Thriller has received numerous literary awards including the Gold Medal eLit Award and Global eBook Award for Best Suspense Fiction. In July 2012, it was introduced in trade paperback edition by Paladin […]

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