Lunen: Triblood

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When Winnie Winters is whisked away to a strange new world, her life takes on a new adventurous path that she never imagined possible. Once there, Winnie meets a young Triblood by the name […]

Ayshus on the Inside

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Ayshus on the Inside is a children’s chapter book (though editors say it is a book for all ages) about a disgruntled crayfish named Crawford, who gets stranded in the Upper World of unknown […]

What Kind of Man…

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A tantalizing premise: an American president of the 1800s who suffered unbearable personal tragedy and had a lacklustre presidency, is allowed to return to earth to correct his former life.  He seeks out his […]

Terror Comes Knocking

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Sam’s daughter Beth has been unreachable for several days. Something is seriously wrong, and the Moores don’t know where to turn for help. No ransom note arrives, no kidnapper calls. When Beth’s roommate Zafina […]