GEbA_HM_WebLorna thought she was ready to be a caretaker for her 96-year-old grandmother, Ireene. But she wasn’t prepared for the anger and paranoia levied at her after Ireene underwent hip surgery. From sharing what they thought were Ireene’s last moments, to Ireene trying to have Lorna charged with a felony, the pair has a roller-coaster year. The Risk of a Fall is a family chronicle that exposes the unfortunate fact that love isn’t always enough.

Told with a bit of humor and levity, The Risk of a Fall is a raw and poignant story of the love that families share and the damage they can inflict. It glimpses into the mind of a person afflicted with Dementia and it shows the family destroyed in its wake. This book will resonate with anyone who has seen a loved one deteriorate with age.