GEbA_Bronze_WebWestern Medicine may save your life, but to heal your life you need
Energy Medicine. Although we have twice the life expectancy of our
ancestors, the quality of our lives is increasingly diminished by
chronic physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health issues due to apervasive lack of knowledge of their core causes and treatment.
Weaving together mind-body health information with scientific studies and true-life stories of healing, The Other Medicine…That Really Works restores the knowledge that is your birthright. This comprehensive guide to a healing way of life will help you learn the key to working with health issues, taking you beyond symptom elimination into growth, transformation, and radiant joy.  You
will discover: how and why mind-body health information was lost
from the Western culture, the function and anatomy of your body
energy systems, the key to activating the healing process in your
life, how to recognize your own healing, what can block healing
and how to work with it, and everyday energy medicine that you can put into practice now.   You will never see medicine or healing the same way again.