This novel pulls its characters from the gutters and, in the end, celebrates the tenacity of the human spirit.  

Warsaw, Indiana – Random Publishing, LLC proudly announces Michelle Weidenbenner’s newest novel, Scattered Links, will be released January 20, 2014.

Propelled by her compassion for orphans, her research on RAD, reactive attachment disorder, and her disgust with the news that some parents are rehoming their children, author M. Weidenbenner weaves a story of one teen orphan’s journey.

This multi-cultural contemporary novel is about a Russian teen who’s abandoned in an orphanage before she says goodbye to her mama or tells her a secret that haunts her. It’s a story of family and the consequences that arise from never learning how to love, of a girl’s inability to bond with her adoptive family, and the frustrations that follow.

Weidenbenner became interested in the plight of orphans when she traveled to Russia in 1995 to adopt her daughter from an orphanage. Since then she’s interviewed adoptive parents, attachment counselors, and visited therapeutic horse ranches.

“Weidenbenner explores the unfortunate reality that not all children have had the joy of growing up in a loving care home with little to fear or need.” Katie Pringle, teacher, reviewer, and mother.

“Not only is the plot well-conceived and developed, but the quality of prose sweeps you right into the heroine’s head. If you don’t immediately identify with Oksana and root for her, even shed a few tears, you might want to check your pulse. Yet Weidenbenner doesn’t go overboard with schlocky sentiment. Oksana is clearly drawn as a girl with emotional baggage that makes her difficult for other characters to deal with.” Linda Bonney Olin, author, reviewer, and mother.

This novel is nominated for The Global eBook Awards. The Global eBook Awards honor and bring attention to the future of book publishing: eBooks. Now, in its second year, the Awards are in 72 specific categories. They are open to all publishers large and small so that a winner is the best in its category, not just the best of small or regionally-published ebooks. Most ebooks are also available as printed books.

Weidenbenner’s debut novel, Cache a Predator, July, 2013, is an Amazon bestseller in the crime thriller category, but also speaks about the worldwide social issue of substance abuse, father’s rights, and child abuse.

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