This feels like a bad one.

This is the gut feeling of Cam Clay—a seasoned detective in the Calgary Police’s Violent Crimes Division—as he approaches an unassuming house in the city’s northwestern suburbs. It is his first day back at work after thirty days of forced vacation, and nothing can prepare him for the grisly crime scene inside. A mother and child lie brutally murdered. Still reeling from the horrific events that led to his “vacation,” Clay must try and remain calm as he pieces together the scattered facts: the victim’s husband is in jail for battery; her brother, out of prison on parole, is discovered at the scene, but there is no physical evidence to tie him to the crime; and a registered sex offender who lives on the street is found to have had a suspiciously close relationship with the deceased.


However, just as the investigation seems to progress towards resolution, everything unravels into more confusion and violence. People continue to die, and it’s clear that someone will do whatever it takes to ensure the truth doesn’t get out. Determined in his pursuit of justice—and endangering aspects of his sanity and romantic life along the way—Cam Clay becomes embroiled in this bloody plot in order to solve the crime. His tireless work soon catches the eye of the unidentified killer, who then turns his murderous sights on Clay and everyone he holds dear.