Readers will never forget Cara Morgan, the Rebel on Horseback, a fiercely solitary woman who wants to be left alone to run her ranch as she sees fit. Dodging predators on all sides, she must protect and control migrant laborers hiding from the INS; capture modern-day cattle rustlers; and win a lawsuit her brother files to overturn their father’s will.

None of these struggles is more challenging, however, than her inner conflicts and questions about two men in her life. Is recently divorced Clay Thompson a twenty-first-century conquistador, bent on scoring another notch on his belt and acquiring her inheritance? And is Ramón Chavez truly an INS undercover agent or simply a rebel of another stripe, intent on having her recognize her Mexican heritage? After an assault from which she must heal physically and emotionally, Cara wants nothing more than to prove to the world that she needs no man in her life—but she first must convince herself.

Author Davenport is quite the storyteller. Readers will gallop through this fast-paced novel and be caught breathless in the end.