Presence of Mind is the personal journey of a technology writer who hit the wall and became overwhelmed with the struggle to keep up with the  demands of both his profession and his inner programming.   The journey back was facilitated by insights into the deep connection between the software which is programmed by humans, and the genetic code which is the intelligent energy behind Life itself.

Presence of Mind begins with a deep exploration of how dark things can get from the inside, and a description of the painful process of peeling back the layers of inner programming and a distorted belief system with the help of a compassionate and brilliant guide.

The author explores the roots of his personal and philosophical influences, which led him to question much of what he saw around him and took him on a search for answers to questions that many feel it is safer to avoid asking.

The turning point came when he reconnected to his true passion – technology – in a way that led to the realization that we have created computer software “in our image” as a pointer to the intelligent patterns and geometry behind life and nature itself.  It turns out that DNA is code.

These insights convinced the author that life is not random but immensely intelligent beyond the comprehension of our rational minds, and must be experienced through a newly developed heartfelt connection with reality.

He retraces some of the steps of his previous  studies and travels to discover that answers are not found in concepts and books, but in concrete experience and energetic investigation.

The road back includes a leap of faith in adopting a cat, which changes his inner alchemy to begin to truly care and love life in a completely new way.   This creates an opening to a world of new feelings and perspectives that had always been there but from which he been cut off.

He shares the practices learned through continued study and participation in communities of those who also had experienced many of the same feelings and fears with which everyone struggles—but he ultimately learns that perhaps the struggle is unnecessary.

As these new beliefs were integrated, the author believes that he reprogrammed his own inner operating system in a way that has forever transformed his experience, and which he hopes may also be of value to others.