A big thanks to all at Dan Poynter’s Global Ebook Awards for awarding me the gold medal in the Fiction – Gay/Lesbian/LGBT category.

My book Out of the Blue – Latent Memories is essentially a love story, with the two main characters (Robin and Jamie) overcoming a series of emotional and physical barriers in an attempt to make a life together.

Ecologist Robin Carson has never had a long term relationship preferring short term flings. Until she meets the beautiful but fiery blonde Jamie Buxton although the attraction isn’t instant for both of them it develops after only a few meetings. Making Robin rethink her previous and preferred no strings relationships of the past.

After only six months together all is going well with Robin preparing to make the ultimate commitment until she is prevented by a car accident that could end it all too soon.

Almost two years later Robin has recovered physically, but she is still haunted by a woman she swears she knows but can’t place in her life.


Unable to cope with her previous job she searches for a slower pace of life she can cope with, unexplainably drawn to the Norfolk coast she gets a menial gardening job. There she meets the woman that has haunted her dreams for the last two years. Can she finally get her life back together, and get the woman of her dreams?