When Daniel A. Tremaine, a 14-year old boy had an “encounter,” he soon realized it was God Himself who Open Door: The Awakening. Book two in the Open Door Book Series. Written by Nathan D. Pietsch visited him, and changed his ordinary life into a grand adventure of the miraculous, supernatural, and impossible.

After Danny’s encounter, it was normal for him to have supernatural experiences. Danny begins to experience unexplainable events. In addition to his experiences, an incredible power is beginning to develop within him. However, he is not the only one growing in power.

A very dark army is rising that is also operating in the supernatural. Danny and his friends need to arise rapidly in order to confront the coming darkness.

Fortunately, Danny is being mentored by James and Alysha, two Lightstormers who have been trained to flow in the supernatural realm. However, time is growing short for them to ward off an evil group known as the Dark Knights of the Secret Cloak led by Banshee and Jezz. The two opposing forces find themselves at enmity with each other in a cosmic clash between light verses dark, good verses evil, and heaven verses hell.

Open Door: The Awakening is a 56,000 word young reader’s fictional story. It is the second book in a series of books centered around the theme of activating the youth worldwide to fulfill their true God-given destinies.

*** Sample Writing ***

Danny laid in bed with sweat forming on his face. He was neither awake nor asleep. He had fallen into a trance. In his vision, he saw a young man a little older than him walking in Jackson Square. The young man was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt. The hood was over his head. The sweatshirt had a large skull printed on it. He was walking directly towards Danny.

The young man’s head was down, so Danny couldn’t see his face. Just before he walked past Danny—or through him—the young man lifted up his head. Danny could clearly see his face as he quickly walked.

The young man had a snarl on his face, and his teeth were exposed. His teeth were like vampire fangs. Blood appeared to be dripping down his mouth and neck. His face was pale white, like he was painted, and his eyes were black. He snarled at Danny as he walked through his being.

Nathan D. Pietsch is the book author of, Your Royal Destiny: Discovering Your Significance and Miracle Healing: Take Ownership of Divine Health. Nathan and his wife Dawn are full-time, frontline missionaries. Nathan is also a national and international preacher. Nathan and Dawn have ministered to witches, Voodoo queens, prostitutes, gang members, drug addicts, bank robbers, and demon possessed people.