In May of 1862, Mary Ann stands on the side of the dirt road and proudly waves her little Confederate flag as her husband and brothers march off to war. Little does she know, those left at home will be no safer than the men fighting on the battlefield.

As the war wages on and she struggles to raise her four children and the five orphans she has taken in, the collapse of the Confederate dollar, food shortages, and a typhoid epidemic threaten to overwhelm them all. When General Sherman’s troops march through Mississippi on their way to destroy Meridian, the distant war literally arrives on her doorstep.

“Okatibbee Creek” (pronounced oh-kuh-TIB-be) is a novel of historical fiction that vividly brings the Deep South to life through the emotional journey of Mary Ann Rodgers, a strong and resilient woman, who with the help of an unexpected champion, eventually rebuilds her shattered life.