Somewhere in the Bruneau State Dune Idaho desert, there is a new generation of tall, talking rabbits. Magic artesian water makes them grow tall and digital frequency changes enable them to talk and become smart. Mr. Mayor, a flashy-dressed rabbit wise character watches over his town. There are many plots intertwined. Chicago gangster hares pack up and head west so they can drink the magic water, grow tall and return to rule over the alleyways of Chicago and the North-Sider hare gangsters. Meet the egotistical Caponey and his gang: Wrigley, Dice, Fuzzy, Mugsey, Meigs, Bronzey, and Putz, kind of a loner. A Rappin” Rabbit foursome writes and sings original songs, too. So follow their fun adventures in this magical wonderland tale while these characters all hightail it out to Idaho to follow dreams of living a better life.