I wrote LSAT THE LOUCAS WAY to describe my experiences with the reading comprehension section of the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), which I firmly believe, is the most difficult section of the test. I firmly believe the numerous prep test books currently available to individuals who want to be attorneys have not made any significant changes to the actual text addressing this part of the test; rather they have literally published the same information year-after-year. Furthermore, the current prep test books are too wordy, imprecise, and they constantly drift away from the subject matter. Moreover, the authors of the prep test books adhere to using words and phrases the average person needs a dictionary and thesaurus to understand. Hence, their imprecise approach reduces the intensity and effectiveness of their writing.

It is non-fiction and is an excellent reference to over 500 thousand people who register to take the LSAT either in February, June, October or December of each year.

In contrast to the competition LSAT THE LOUCAS WAY offers a no-nonsense, up-to-date, and more comprehensive approach in how to complete the reading comprehension section of this test. It is well written, well organized, clear, concise, more specific, and easier to read and understand. Accordingly, it lists the vocabulary, transitional, and repetitive words completely defined and identifiable by paragraph and line number. In addition, it gives the definition of the phrase connecting indicator words for each answer choice that will take the test taker from one idea (clause) to the next.

Furthermore, it lists the rules for the questions associated with the traditional and compare/contrast essays on the LSAT. It also lists the lead questions the test taker must ask when working on a traditional or compare/contrast essay and gives the procedure the test taker must follow when completing either a traditional or  compare/contrast essay. There is a list of transitional and connecting indicator words, the test taker should be looking for when completing either, a traditional or compare/ contrast essay. An explanatory appendix is  included for traditional and compare/contrast essays two and three. Traditional and compare/contrast two and three are for practice and there is an index at the back of the book.

By utilizing the above, the test taker will have taught themselves 26-28 questions on the reading comprehension section of this test. In reality, there are 101 questions on the LSAT, and if the test taker utilizes the above, they will have successfully taught themselves one-third of the test.

Therefore, LSAT THE LOUCAS WAY is a unique approach and it far exceeds anything the competition currently has to offer. As a result, it will revolutionize how an individual who wants to be an attorney should approach and complete the reading comprehension section of this test.

LSAT THE LOUCAS WAY can be ordered from Xlibris Publishers or Amazon or Barnes & Noble.com

Very truly yours,

Basil R. Loucas