Life Is Fair book cover

Life isn’t fair. Isn’t that what we’ve always been told? What we’ve always believed? How else to explain the death of an innocent child, a horrible accident, an abusive marriage, even 9/11?

But I’m here to tell you, life IS fair. There’s a life outlined for each of us — not predetermined but chosen by us before we’re born — that gives us the lessons we need to grow spiritually. Everything happens for a reason.

Backed by decades of research and illustrated with dozens of real-life stories, Life Is Fair:

  • Explores the concepts of reincarnation and karma and how they shape our spiritual destinies
  • Describes the role of psychics and mediums in revealing and confirming our reasons for being here
  • Demonstrates, with first-person testimonies, how communications from the “other side” prove the teachings of great spiritual leaders
  • Explains why everything that happens, no matter how horrible, has a loving lesson at its root

You have a divine origin and a divine destiny. Now is the time to discover it.