Daniel Loman is about to have a very peculiar day. By the end of it, he’ll find himself pursued by an extra-terrestrial robot, whisked away to Cuba by the military and in cahoots with the CIA.
He’s also managed to arrange a date.
Insequor takes you on a journey into Daniel’s strange world of constant danger as he tries to reclaim his normal existence. Pursued by ‘The Robot’, he has to learn about the new world of fame and power he attracts.
When the government and its armies fail him, he is forced to adopt a nomadic existence of constant travel, as he strives for a semblance of what he feels is a normal life. The mysterious Professor Grey, a rogue scientist, offers him a way out and Daniel finally takes matters into his own hands.
However, his dalliance with a doomsday device and the creation of a wormhole between dimensions has potentially catastrophic consequences. We watch Daniel as he changes from a downtrodden member of the rat race to one of the most influential and powerful people in the world before the story reaches its climactic and paradoxical ending.