Do you feel overwhelmed with too many choices? Do you get stuck when there’s no right answer? Are you head-locked with too much information? Figure It Out! is a practical guide for making everyday decisions. No theory, just common sense ideas that will help you make the best decision in everyday situations. Learn how to think better, improve your situational awareness and act decisively without having to rely on the closest smartphone or laptop. The principles in Figure It Out! are built around three simple themes:
 1. Understand the big picture. To thrive in any organization, you need to understand how the place works. How does it make money? How does it function outside of your department? What are the crucial insights you need to know to contribute more effectively?
 2. Have a framework for solving everyday problems. No one really teaches us how to solve everyday problems. Trial and error learning used to be okay, but not in today’s overwhelming world. In Figure It Out!, you’ll learn a universal process for solving everyday problems. Instill it in your workplace and watch the decision making improve.
 3. Emulate the habits of those who make consistently smart decisions. These habits include comfort with ambiguity, surrounding yourself with other smart decision makers and understanding the nature of calculated risk. There are eight in all. Fight the tide of those who succumb to menu-driven thinking. People who thrive know what to do when faced with problems, big and small. If you can’t decide whether to buy this book, boy do you need it!

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