#1 Amazon Bestseller (women’s poetry)

#1 Amazon Bestseller (dysfunctional relationships)

One woman in Australia is killed every week by Domestic Violence.  It could have easily been me. Between 2001-2003, I was in an abusive relationship.  I was punched, hit, pushed, shoved, intimidated, screamed at, belittled and verbally abused.  The only outlet and witness, was my journal. Over that two year period, I wrote fragments of poetry and prose.  It gave me some sanity to be able to express myself. If you are looking to read a conventionally written book about domestic violence then this book is NOT for you. It does not unfold as a normal story would instead it unfolds as a real story did. Domestic Violence is erratic, fractured and unpredictable – as is my book.  It is not a smooth easy read, it’s bumpy and raw. These writings are organic with nothing changed and minimal editing. If my journey through domestic violence inspires only one woman to flee her deadly predicament, this collation of writings has been a success.
“Vanessa’s writing is very powerful and quite haunting. She conveys a strong sense of the terror, bewilderment and paralysis of a young woman caught in the classic, incomprehensible environment of domestic violence. Some parts of the manuscript are quite shocking, even for someone like me who has read a great deal about domestic violence and spoken to a number of victims. Her creative, almost poetic approach to the text, with its short, journal-like sections, is unusual for a book on this subject, but it works very effectively to emphasis the fragmented, surreal nature of the narrator’s experience.”

~Teresa Pitt ~ Former Senior Commissioning Editor, Lothian Books 
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