51RF8E69FxL._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_Most baseball fans in North America consider the sport to be an exciting pastime but little more than that, not a matter of life or death. Yet for many young players in third world countries the game is a golden ticket dangling in front of them, a chance to escape poverty and carve out a bright new future if they can be lucky and skilled enough to seize it. Toro Rodriguez, a Cuban slugger and expert right fielder, is one of the fortunate ones to make it big in the American major leagues, but the price he pays for his success is brutal—he had to leave is family in Cuba. Now they’ve been kidnapped and secretly held somewhere by a government agent that wants to use them to force him back to Cuba.

In this fast-paced fifth installment in his Sharon O’Mara action-adventure-thriller series, Gregory C. Randall combines the world of international baseball with political repression, diamond smuggling, and murder. O’Mara, a tough veteran of the Iraqi War and now successful fixer and facilitator, is asked to go to Cuba on a search-and-rescue mission to retrieve Rodriquez’s family. Meanwhile, her pal Kevin Bryan is hired to stop a diamonds for guns operation that stretches from the Caribbean to Europe and Africa. Both Sharon and Kevin will need all their skills and wits to survive their missions that are half way around the world apart yet come crashing back together in San Francisco.